To Your Health: Wellness is an important part of the school year

By Irisha Clark 

Students are heading back to school this month. This means it is time for the annual physicals, vaccines, eye exams and dental checkups before the first day of school. All of these things are done to make sure our children are healthy and prevent any illnesses that may arise during the academic year.

All Westville students eligible for free meals

WESTVILLE — All students in the district will be eligible to receive free breakfasts and lunches, school officials announced.

The Health Reporter Is In: Aug. 6, 2015

Do you have a health-related question? Ask it here and Debra Pressey will get you an answer.

How much sugar can you eat and drink, healthwise?

To Your Health: Fighting childhood obesity starts at home

By Irisha Clark

Healthy at home equals healthy for life! It's time to take charge of your children's health in the home environment.

To Your Health: Fair warning: Annual trip can wreak havoc on your diet

By Mary Liz Wright

Corn dogs and cotton candy — what trip to the fair would be complete without them? Ask anyone what they enjoy most about the fair and many will say — THE FOOD!

The once-a-year treat can pack some big calories into your regular diet, so here are a few tips.

Professor: Dining out often means eating more

URBANA — A healthy diet isn't just about what we eat.

Where we eat also matters, according to new research at the University of Illinois.

To Your Health: A heartfelt — and, of course, heart healthy — goodbye

By Leia Kedem

If I ever had to sum up my thoughts on healthy living, it would boil down to one thing. Don't believe everything you hear.

Or read, or watch on TV, or see on social media. Why? Whether you like it or not, you have selective hearing.

To Your Health: Simple tips add flavor to your water

By Leia Kedem

Dehydration might sound benign, but it can be dangerous if you let it go too far. Thirst is an obvious sign, but headaches, flushed skin and fatigue can all be attributed to early dehydration. Ignore your thirst and you'll progress to more advanced symptoms: dizziness, fainting, labored breathing and elevated body temperature.

To your health: An ode to a summer favorite: watermelon

By Leia Kedem

Okay, fun fact. I've polished off almost a whole watermelon by myself. Probably not the definition of moderation, but cut me some slack; this was over the span of about six hours while canoeing at Kickapoo State Park.