To Your Health: Cooked right, potatoes can be part of healthy diet

By Beth Peralta

Many of our favorite foods feature the same vegetable: mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, French fries, hash browns, potato pancakes. I'm sure you notice that we're talking potatoes!

Potatoes are often misunderstood as being an unhealthful addition to a meal. However, the potato can be a healthy meal base or side dish; the secret lies in how you cook it!

To Your Health: Snacks you should know for kids on the go

By Mary Liz Wright

This time of year finds families scrambling into the chaotic fall school activity schedules. In addition to making sure your young scholars have the necessary sports gear/musical instrument/equipment, it is also important that you make sure they are fueled up for their after-school activities.

#SundaySneak: Memorial Stadium tweaking menu

CHAMPAIGN — To bring fans to their feet these days in college football, it takes some razzle-dazzle on offense and creative play-calling on defense.   

The same goes for stadium munchies.

Whistle blows for P.E. class

URBANA — After 30-plus years, the days of classroom teachers leading P.E. sessions in Urbana elementary schools may soon be a thing of the past.

Just 1 question: What's important about nutrition?

DANVILLE — This week, 15 Danville schools students are sharpening their culinary chops at "Cooking for Success," the school district's first culinary camp for Kids.

To Your Health: Homemade salsa the way to highlight fresh tomatoes

By Beth Peralta

Tomatoes are starting to pop up in Illinois. Have you tried one yet this season? A tomato always seems to taste better, crisper, and more flavorful when in-season and grown close to home.

Study: UI students don't pay much attention to nutrition info

URBANA — Evidently, the majority of University of Illinois freshmen and sophomores eating at campus dining halls do not care how many calories or how much fat, carbohydrates and protein might be lurking in their food, according to a new study by UI researchers.

To Your Health: School may be out, but healthy living shouldn't be

By Irisha Clark

The children are out of school, and we want them to have a healthy summer break.

Research has shown that sometimes, children gain weight two times faster in the summer than during the school year. Here are some tips to keep children healthy this summer:

To Your Health: Brighten up your coleslaw with fresh radishes

By Beth Peralta 

Grilling season is upon us! What is your go-to side dish when it comes time to make up your favorite summer meal?

Area update: Library board interviewing candidates

CHAMPAIGN — Champaign Public Library officials will meet this week to interview semi-finalists for the open director position.

Today and Thursday, the library board will meet in closed session, interviewing applicants and determining which finalists to bring in for a two-day process on June 13 and 14.