Leia Kedem: Eating well on a smaller scale


I opened one of my cookbooks a few nights ago and realized that my recipes are mocking me.

OK, maybe that's a bit harsh, but think about it: Most are written to make four servings or more, suggesting that we should be eating that meal with family or at least a gaggle of friends. But what about the singletons out there?

To Your Health: Going gluten-free for the holidays

By Leia Kedem/University of Illinois Extension

What would the holidays be without dinner rolls, stuffing, Christmas cookies or pie? Besides being traditional holiday dishes, they all have one common denominator: gluten.

To your health: Add a little Hanukkah to your table any time of year

By Leia Kedem/University of Illinois Extension

Many people associate Hanukkah with December, but last week Hanukkah coincided with Thanksgiving for the first time since 1888.

(The next time will be in 2070, so for many, this was a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence.)

To your health: Indulge your hunger ... but read your body's signals

By Leia Kedem/University of Illinois Extension

As the holidays round the bend on our calendars, we're sure to see plenty of articles, blogs and posts about how to prevent holiday weight gain.

To Your Health: Diabetes diagnosis just got a bit more complicated

By Leia Kedem/University of Illinois Extension

Although the symptoms of diabetes have been documented for thousands of years, medical professionals didn't start to look for a cause and treatment for the disease until 1910. Almost 30 years later, the classifications we know now as Types 1 and 2 were made.

To Your Health: Make broth at home for all the flavor, less all the salt

By Leia Kedem

So many recipes call for chicken broth, whether it's soup, stuffing, risotto, mashed potatoes, gravy or more. There's no doubt that broth adds flavor, but unfortunately, it can be sky-high in sodium. Reduced-sodium options are certainly an improvement, but can still pack around 600 milligrams of sodium in just one cup.

To your health: Fight chronic disease with basic marinara sauce

By Leia Kedem

Did you know that eating pasta can help prevent cancer, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, cognitive problems and even skin damage? If it's topped with plenty of classic marinara sauce, it can.

Tomatoes, the primary ingredient in marinara, can prevent blood clotting and have anti-inflammatory properties to prevent a whole host of chronic conditions.

WIC food program could be casualty of government shutdown

CHAMPAIGN — Thousands of Champaign County moms, infants and preschoolers in a government nutrition program stand to be affected by an extended federal government shutdown, a local public health official says.

Tempted by an apple? It's worth the health benefits

By Leia Kedem/University of Illinois Extension

When fall arrives, there's nothing more satisfying to me than biting into a fresh, juicy apple that's as crisp as the autumn air. Sure, we can get apples any time, but they're never as plentiful, affordable and downright delicious as during the last quarter of the year.

HALO committee plans food presentation

DANVILLE — People can learn more about foods that are full of fiber and can be delicious and easy to prepare at a cooking demonstration at the Village Mall County Market on Sept. 4.

"Fun Foods & Fiber" will be presented by the Women Aware Committee of the HALO Project.