Those Who Served: For air-traffic controller, WWII 'was very exciting'

CHAMPAIGN — Not everyone who served wore a uniform. Bette Babb kept planes flying safely in World War II, as a civilian air-traffic controller.

Still living on her own in Champaign, Babb, 98, remembers her service as the best years of her life, and she has plenty of memories, including meeting famous people.

Studio Visit: Shannon Hayden

Studio Visit is a Q&A with a local artist, in this case, Shannon Hayden, 25. The professional cellist and composer lives on her family farm in Martinsville with her parents, Ron Hayden, a carpenter and farmer, and Cathy Hayden, director of the Clark County Health Department.

The Big 10 with Jeff D'Alessio, Oct. 4, 2015

For the next two Sundays, this spot belongs to the kids. We asked romantics from area high schools to describe how they asked their date to the homecoming dance.

Letter from Birdland: I love to watch the fall harvest

Birdland is overcast today, and I'm hoping for the promised rain. Don't get me wrong, I've been enjoying the mild blue days we've been having, but the garden could use some water.

I expect our farmer friends, Jim and Sean, are happy with the dry weather, though; they have harvested all of our soybeans and have started on my uncle's fields to the north.

Wired In: Paul Miller

On Sundays, staff writer Paul Wood spotlights a high-tech difference maker. First up: Agrible Chief Science Officer Paul Miller, 41. The farm services company just moved in to its new offices at 2021 S. First St., C

Things are growing good

Meet Ron Chez, the man behind the gift

URBANA — Ron Chez knows a wise investment when he sees one.

A successful financial management consultant with his own corporation, the University of Illinois graduate has advised a who's who of the Fortune 500 — from JP Morgan Chase and Motorola to Apple and Amazon.

But one of his latest investments is in people.

Business listings, Oct. 4, 2015

These applications for assumed business names were filed recently with the Champaign County clerk's office:

Back To Me, 804 W. Vine St., C, Jessica Foley, same address, and Donna Foley, 1709 W. Union St., C.

BE-N-ME Home Maintenance and Repairs, 1104-04 Falcon Drive, Rantoul, Brenda Eaton and M. Leslie Eaton, same address.

Getting Personal: Pastor Frank L. Hoss

Getting Personal is a Q&A with a local personality. Here, pastor Frank L. Hoss, 80, of Urbana chats with The News-Gazette's Paul Wood about his career in teaching and preaching and with a very small congregation.

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Reluctant Townie: Out of your gourd: An ode to autumn

Well, hello there, October. I see you hiding in the corner. I guess now that you're here, I will finally concede the season to autumn — to Hades with the equinox and its astrological rules, summer put up a valiant fight and deserves every bit of September it has laid claim to! The territory is advancing, I can feel it. Thanks be given to global warming.

Growing Asian population affects banks, retail, restaurants, more

You'll see no English characters on the overhead menu or specials board at Lai Lai Wok in Campustown.

With roughly half of its clientele from China, and another quarter or so from other Asian countries, the restaurant offers English on its table menus only.

Down the street, Taiwan-based Chatime is among several new "bubble tea" shops in Campustown, popular in China and Taiwan.