The Big 10 with Jeff D'Alessio, Aug. 9, 2015

With Phyllis Wise on the way out as chancellor, we asked 10 University of Illinois grads: What's most important to you in choosing her successor? 


Fairmount financial representative and 2011 winner of UI's Lou Liay Spirit Award

The Reluctant Townie: Mr. Fix-It becomes Mr. Gave-It-His-Best-Shot

Chronic readers of my column — or more specifically, anyone who read my column last week — will know that I recently attempted to repair the air conditioning in my house using only the resources of YouTube, Amazon Prime and my bare wit (whatever that measures out to).

Tips and tricks for settling in to your first adult room

Moving into college for freshman year can be a major stress, but planning can cut way back on that.

Rommel Taylor is an experienced I-Guide at the University of Illinois. The College of ACES student, who is on the Illini Guides Campus Coordinating Committee, says it's almost as important to know what NOT to bring as what to bring.

Textbooks, for starters.

Business listings, Aug. 9, 2015

These applications for assumed business names were filed recently with the Champaign County clerk's office:

American Graphx, 2114 Fogel Road, Mahomet, Lee Jones, same address.

Assist Tutoring, 2125C Melrose Drive, C, Derian Silva, same address.

Derek Martin Hair, 206 N. Randolph, C, Derek Martin, 804 W. Hill St. #2, C.

Getting Personal: Alicia Geddis

Getting Personal is a Q&A with a local personality. Here, new Danville school district Superintendent Alicia Geddis chats with The News-Gazette’s Melissa Merli. Geddis took over in July from Mark Denman, who retired after more than 40 years in the district. ‘I don’t believe anyone in Danville knows that I won a campus pageant as queen in Rochester, N.Y.,’ she said.

For the retirees, Aug. 9-16, 2015

For information about services available to older adults, contact Karen Graves, director of the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) and Helen Mary Stevick Senior Citizens Center, 48 E. Main St., Champaign, IL 61820, phone 359-6500.

RSVP and the Stevick center are administered by Family Service of Champaign County.

From Ferguson to friction

One year ago today, a Ferguson, Mo., police officer shot and killed an unarmed black teenager, setting off "Black Lives Matter" protests 180 miles away in Champaign and elsewhere and fueling an increasing mistrust of law enforcement.

Area history, Aug. 9, 2015

Today is Sunday, Aug. 9, 2015. Here are news reports from this date 100, 50 and 15 years ago:

Top of the morning, Aug. 9, 2015

When they set out two months ago to help one of their own battling cancer, the folks in Tuscola thought asking for $10,000 to help Joel Hilgendorf's fight might be too much. They settled on asking folks on a GoFundMe page to help them reach $5,000.

Williams reflects on naming of school

For 26 years of loyal service to Urbana schools, Preston Williams will get a post-retirement gift unlike any other.

As of 1 p.m. today, the building that's been known as Prairie Elementary School will officially become Dr. Preston L. Williams, Jr. Elementary School.