County board: Tax proposal worth a shot

URBANA — After years of talking about a comprehensive county facilities overhaul, the Champaign County Board finally may be ready to undertake it.

Or more accurately, let county voters decide whether to undertake it.

A chat with outgoing Unit 4 Superintendent Judy Wiegand

Heading into her last year as the head of the largest school district in Champaign County, Judy Wiegand reflects on the challenges, fulfillment and surprises that come with being Unit 4 superintendent.

You've worked in nearly ever administrative role there is in Unit 4. What made you apply for the top job?

Letter from Birdland: A pleasant road trip with the girls

Birdland is cool this morning, but the humidity dampened my morning ride. I have taken to riding my bike in the mornings.

Last week, I got up early enough to see a fox sitting by the side of the road. I watched it from afar, before I even knew it was a fox or any animal at all. It could have been a stump or a pile of trash discarded on the roadside.

Top of the morning, Aug. 7, 2016

Thanks to the many friends he has made during his 40-plus years as a bartender in downtown Champaign, Fote Backy's Brass Rail is much easier to spot these days.

C-U haiku, Aug. 7, 2016

By Jim O’Brien, Ann Hart and Will Reger

cooling nimbus brings

prairie sky's benediction

on summer's dog days

— Ann Hart, Mahomet

Studio Visit: Julia Megan Sullivan

The actress and assistant director of communication for the University of Illinois Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering recently chatted with The News-Gazette's Melissa Merli.

How did you end up doing online H.H. Gregg commercials?

Superintendent shopping season's here

In 2012, the Champaign school board paid a Minneapolis-based search firm more than $20,000 to find the district's next leader.

The board wound up hiring someone from just down the hall at the Mellon Administrative Center, promoting Judy Wiegand from assistant superintendent to the top job.

Area history, Aug. 6, 2016

Today is Saturday, Aug. 6, 2016. Here are news reports from this date 100, 50 and 15 years ago:

In 1916, residents of Kenwood, located 3 miles west of Champaign, are rejoicing over the fact that in a short time electricity will be installed in that vicinity.

Bob Swisher: Tuscola barn tour leads to rare find

I do not know why I collect old hardware but it has been a habit for at least 50 years.

So you can imagine how rare it is to see something you have never seen before. I recently got a tour of a real old (late 1800s) two-story barn with a cupola in Tuscola that is going to be restored.

Lead4Life teen members proud of event they planned

CHAMPAIGN — When the executive team members of Centennial High School's student-engagement committee, Lead4Life, began the program in seventh grade, they say they joined for something fun to do and an easy way to get out of class.