John Roska: How do you get a case continuance?

Q: How do I get a continuance in a court case? It turns out I'll be out of town when my trial is scheduled. Can I have a friend go to court and ask for a continuance for me?

Studio Visit: Tex Wynn

Studio Visit is a Q&A with a local artist. Here, Tex Wynn, a musician and instrument maker, recently chatted with The News-Gazette's Melissa Merli:

What instruments do you play?

Well, I play flattop guitar. I play harmonica. I play dobro, steel guitar, standup bass and I play the electric bass too.

When did you start?

A love story

CHICAGO — Many of us had the chance to see the love story of Roger and Chaz Ebert at the annual film festival named for him.

In October, you'll have a chance to see their love story as a musical in Chicago.

The Black Ensemble Theater will present "The Black White Play (Honoring the Memory of Roger Ebert through Music)."

Reluctant Townie: The new Jared Fogle Diet

The new Jared Fogle Diet:

— Step 1: Eat two Subway sandwiches a day for a year — a 6-inch turkey sub for lunch, a 12-inch veggie sub for dinner. Skip the cheese, oil and mayo (and the cookies, natch).

— Step 2: Walk everywhere you can. Primarily to Subway and back, since you're tethered there for two meals a day.

— Step 3: Lose 300 pounds.

Letter from Birdland: A grand reunion along the river

In Birdland, the summer is coming to a close, but we are having a last hurrah. Michael and I are in Wisconsin spending time with friends in some river cottages.

For the retirees, Aug. 23-30, 2015

For information about services available to older adults, contact Karen Graves, director of the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) and Helen Mary Stevick Senior Citizens Center, 48 E. Main St., Champaign, IL 61820, phone 359-6500.

RSVP and the Stevick Senior Center are administered by Family Service of Champaign County.

Top of the morning, Aug. 23, 2015

Lamont Holden teaches at Edison Middle School in Champaign.

Until, of course, he signs that big record contract.

"I'll quit teaching for a career in rapping when somebody wants to pay me," he joked. "(But) I don't think anybody wants to buy a record from a 33-year-old rapper."

A salvage site that's top-notch

If you are looking for an overnight trip, save this article.

I have been interested in architectural salvage since 1983, when I joined the Preservation and Conservation Association of Champaign County. In the years since, my wife and I have probably visited more than 50 salvage sites, missing only New England and Texas.

Area history, Aug. 22, 2015

Today is Saturday, Aug. 22, 2015. Here are news reports from this date 100, 50 and 15 years ago:

In 1915: Officers of the Alexander Lumber Co. are still of the opinion that a firebug is to blame for the blaze that destroyed their lumber sheds and offices on North Walnut Street in downtown Champaign.

Money woes may close county historical museum

CHAMPAIGN — The Champaign County Historical Museum may have to close due to financial problems, according to its board Co-President Hal Balbach.