Area history, Feb. 2, 2014

Today is Sunday, Feb. 2 2014. News reports from this date in history:

Letter from Birdland: A winter dream of a new food hub

In Birdland, the sun is warm but the wind is frigid. My poor chickens are once again confined to the coop, but tomorrow is supposed to be warm at 27 degrees, and I'll let them out in the morning.

It's funny that a below freezing temperature can sound warm to me, but it does now. I hope it feels warm to the poor chickens.

For the retirees, Feb. 2, 2014

For information about services available to older adults, contact Karen Bodnar, director of the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) and Helen Mary Stevick Senior Citizens Center, 48 E. Main St., Champaign, IL 61820, phone 359-6500.

RSVP and the Stevick Senior Center are administered by Family Services of Champaign County.

Area history, Feb. 1, 2014

Today is Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014. News reports from this date in history:

Firecrackers, gifts and celebration for Lunar New Year

URBANA — Growing up in rural China, for Hua Nian, New Year's meant the first "bang!" of firecrackers at midnight, followed by days of adventure.

"Free from school, armed with leftover firecrackers, we kids would look for cow pies (preferably freshly made) to blow up," she says.

Local actor on the (really) big screen

'Jackson's Run,' a film featuring St. Thomas More student Richie Berner in a major role, premieres locally in front of an audience of his peers

CHAMPAIGN — When Richie Berner's face appeared on the big screen at Carmike Cinemas on Friday, it was the biggest screen to be had — 78 feet wide and 35 feet tall, where a pimple looks a foot square.

Top of the morning, Feb. 1, 2014

Not that they've asked for advice. But candidates who plan to participate in our primary forums Feb. 19-21 in Champaign might want to huddle with Kirsten Blackford before reaching the podium. It's clear the Miss Fisher Fair Queen knows how to work an audience.

Area history, Jan. 31, 2014

Today is Friday, Jan. 31, 2014. News reports from this date in history:

Top of the morning, Jan. 31, 2014

What is your first memory from the Super Bowl?

Mine is easy: Super Bowl V on Jan. 17, 1971. I was 9. We watched on our family's first color TV. Probably a Magnavox.

Area history, Jan. 30, 2014

Today is Thursday, Jan. 30, 2014. News reports from this date in history: