Area history, Dec. 14, 2015

In 1915, in what is claimed by many to be the most brutal and inexcusable murder in the history of Champaign County, Urbana resident Harry Slade killed his 11-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son and severely wounded a turnkey at the county jail who was attempting to arrest him. Slade was on one of his periodic drunks and was threatening his family. Mrs.

Those Who Served: Retired UI prof played vital role behind scenes in WWII

Retired UI professor got equipment to soldiers to enable them to do jobs

URBANA — Maj. Gerald Brighton served nearly all of World War II in the South Pacific, Australia and New Guinea.

A retired University of Illinois professor and former Urbana City Council member, Brighton, 95, spent five years in the service but never fired a shot.

12 stories of Christmas 2015: The power of PJs

CHAMPAIGN — Tonia Kirby has never underestimated the power of a warm pair of pajamas.

"We want our kids to be fed. We want them to have warm coats and gloves. But we also want them to be warm in their beds at night when they're sleeping," says the Robeson Elementary School teacher. "If they don't get a good night's sleep, they're not going to be able to perform at school."

Tom Kacich: On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer and Interurban...

Santa Claus came to town this year, at least to the local mall, on Saturday, Nov. 21.

But 100 years ago, when marketing was much different and things moved much more slowly, Santa didn't make it to Champaign-Urbana until Christmas Eve, arriving on a relatively sparkling Illinois Traction interurban train. The electrified railroad system had been established only 13 years earlier.

The Big 10 with Jeff D'Alessio, Dec. 13, 2015

With caffeine-inhaling, finals-cramming season here, we asked some of the best and brightest on the UI (or any other) campus: What's the worst grade you got in school?


Professor, Animal Sciences and Genomic Biology; named American Academy of Microbiology Fellow in January

Ask 'Mimi,' Dec. 13, 2015

Have you heard anything about an "intuitive" painting studio in Champaign?

Studio Visit: Maxx Sentowski

Studio Visit is a Q&A with a local artist. Here, a visit with Maxx Sentowski. The artist and hourly academic, or assistant, at the C-U Community Fab Lab at the University of Illinois recently chatted with The News-Gazette's Melissa Merli.

Where did you go to school?

It's in the cards

Part of the holiday season tradition is the sending of cards, though not as many people do it as they used to in this digital age. For those who miss finding cards and letters in the mailbox this time of year, staff writer PAUL WOOD compiled some traditional holiday cards from area agencies and businesses, including our very own (right).


Letter from Birdland: Foggy days force us to live in the moment

In Birdland, we're in the dark days of December. Each morning comes a little later; each evening comes a bit earlier. Winter is closing in on us.

Brickman's keys to an intimate holiday show

CHAMPAIGN — Award-winning pianist and songwriter Jim Brickman will visit the Virginia Theatre on Tuesday.

"I've been doing holiday shows for 19 years," said Brickman, who also sometimes sings.