Active Aging: Retired nurse doesn't know 'what it's like to be bored'

Editor's note: This is the second in a weeklong series of local profiles highlighting Active Aging Week, which started Sunday and runs through Saturday.

DANVILLE — Many weekdays, Mary Ann Pettigrew's schedule is so full she's lucky if she can eat lunch by 2 p.m. and dinner by 7.

Top of the morning, Sept. 29, 2015

Staerkel Planetarium's Dave Leake talks supermoon Wednesday at 7:40 on WDWS.

I was taken by the number of people who were outside Sunday night, peering skyward for a glimpse of the rare supermoon.

A lot of you took photos, too.

Top of the morning, Sept 28, 2015

Some memories can be very strong.

I know this, and you do, too, but I was reminded of it a couple times last week.

I'd written about the Hessel Park firetruck, and mentioned a couple other icons that are gone, and wondered if any of you had places or items you recalled.

Japan: A cultural adventure

By Dennis Vidoni

"Maybe" was Eric's surprising response to my query about his interest in visiting Japan. A year later, our American Airlines Boeing 777 was landing at Tokyo's Narita International Airport.

Area history, Sept. 28, 2015

In 1915, St. Mary's parochaial school in Champaign will open its doors on Oct. 11, according to the plans of Rev. Father R.F. Flynn. By that date it is believed that construction of the school will have been completed. The building fully equipped will cost approxiately $45,000 and it will accommodate 200 pupils. Seven Sisters of Notre Dame will be engaged in the classroom work.

Active Aging: For Mahomet woman, 96, 'You just have to make your happiness'

MAHOMET — The side yard of Geraldine Hickle's home is abloom with coleus, the grape vines out back are flush with fruit, and geraniums and sweet alyssum line her sunny patio.

Still, the 96-year-old fusses that her yard isn't as nice as it used to be.

Reluctant Townie: For sisters, love can be a painful thing

"I cannot ... control ... myself," said Alpha.

"At least you're admitting you have a problem," I said. "That is the first step."

The Big 10 with Jeff D'Alessio, Sept. 27, 2015

Picking up where we left off last week, we asked alumni of Central Illinois Business Magazine's Forty under 40 list: What's your best advice for dealing with a difficult boss?

Sunday Special: The life of Daisy

CHAMPAIGN — Daisy noses through a flower bed wearing a girl's bathing suit over her bottom and rubber booties on her rear paws, acting as happy as any dog in the world to be outside on a sunny September morning.

Ask 'Mimi,' Sept. 27, 2015

A reader asked about a guitarist who performed in Ellnora's presentation of Steve Reich's "Counterpoint." The reader said he had shaken hands with "a guy with white hair in a long pony tail and realized later" he'd seen him the night before with Paul Simon on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert."