Safe Haven's new home in works

CHAMPAIGN – Volunteers will begin cleanup this weekend at some vacant apartments at Restoration Urban Ministries in advance of renovations to make room for members of a local "tent community."

Safe Haven, a self-governing group of homeless people who lived in tents and then at local churches, will move from St. Mary Catholic Church in Champaign to Restoration Urban Ministries, 1213 Parkland Court, C.

Artist who oversaw work not in favor of restoration

CHAMPAIGN – Angela Rivers couldn't imagine a huge mural being created today in north Champaign-Urbana like the one she helped create there in 1978. And she discourages folks who would like to see its restoration.

"It's dying very gracefully, like Leonardo da Vinci's 'Last Supper,'" Rivers said.

Homeless group may land at Restoration Urban Ministries

CHAMPAIGN – A tentative agreement for Restoration Urban Ministries to take in the Safe Haven "tent community" is being worked out, so the homeless group no longer has to take shelter in a local church.

The Rev. Ervin Williams, executive director of Restoration Urban Ministries, a faith-based shelter and social service organization in northwest Champaign, said he met Monday with representatives of the Safe Haven group, a self-governed group currently hosted by St. Mary Catholic Church in Champaign.

READY school classmates trying to cope with loss

CHAMPAIGN – Trenika Washington created her T-shirt last week, with a photo of her friend Kiwane Carrington on the front and a drawing of a cross on the back, the name "Kiwane" in the center and "Loving Memory" on the sides.

Nominations sought for local 2010 King awards

CHAMPAIGN – Nominations are now being accepted for the local 2010 Martin Luther King Jr. humanitarian awards.

Citizens are urged to nominate people or organizations in Champaign County who have demonstrated a deep commitment to eradicating discrimination, bigotry and prejudice and deserve recognition for outstanding achievements in improving human relations.

Mourners stand shoulder to shoulder for Carrington

CHAMPAIGN – A smiling, helpful boy who liked basketball and computers was remembered at the funeral for 15-year-old Kiwane Carrington on Friday. At the same time that friends and family expressed outrage, they also expressed hope for peace.

Friends remember 15-year-old slain in scuffle

CHAMPAIGN — Friends at the funeral for 15-year-old Kiwane Carrington remembered him Friday as a computer and basketball fan who was always ready to help.

Mr. Carrington, who was fatally shot in a scuffle with Champaign police a week ago, was also remembered for his favorite phrase, “Straight up!”

Coats 4 Kids collection drive in Danville has warm intentions

DANVILLE – Beginning early next week, barrels bearing the Coats 4 Kids logo will start appearing at churches, banks, schools and businesses.

Rachel's Challenge teaches students lessons in kindness

CHAMPAIGN – What does it take to change the culture of a school, or a community, to reduce violence and bullying?

It's the little things – a kind word or helping hand from just one person – that can start a chain reaction that encourages others to do the same, according to a program called Rachel's Challenge.

READY school reeling from Champaign teen's shooting death

CHAMPAIGN – The READY program is a small school, so the death of one of its students hits hard.

The school's social workers and counselors have been meeting this week with students grieving the death of 15-year-old Kiwane Carrington, who attended the alternative school run by the Regional Office of Education. Mr. Carrington died a week ago, after being shot during a scuffle with Champaign police who were responding to a burglary call.

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