Getting Personal: Donna Greene

Getting Personal is a Q&A with a local personality. Here, 62-year-old Champaign resident Donna Greene, who has been with Busey Wealth Management for almost 23 years as a senior managing director and certified financial planner, chats with The News-Gazette's Paul Wood.

Animal neglect cases 'disheartening'

URBANA — Michelle Carr saw more than her share of animal suffering in her 16 years as a humane investigator and animal control officer based in Champaign County.

But the worst call she ever had to work — last summer in Urbana, where a pit bull puppy was stuffed in a 300-degree oven and left to die — was her breaking point.

Main Street/Hoopeston: A resilient bunch

HOOPESTON — Someday, the marquee lights will be coming back on at the Lorraine Theater, an effort that may cost more than $500,000 but would light up this town that has had its share of setbacks.

"We probably have roughly $160,000 in it already," says Jim Richards, a leader in the effort. "People have been very generous."

The Big 10 with Jeff D'Alessio, March 27, 2016

With baseball's Opening Day just a week away, we asked the panel: What do you remember most about the first major league game you went to?


Partner, Martin, Hood, Friese & Associates

Top of the morning, March 27, 2016

More than three years after the tragic death of her NFL son, Stacey Jackson continues to do good things in his name.

"What keeps me going," she said, "is knowing that one day I'm going to see my son again and it's going to be wonderful. I believe in a higher power."

Area history, March 26, 2016

Today is Saturday, March 26, 2016. Here are news reports from this date 100, 50 and 15 years ago:

In 1916: The steel for the frame of the fourth and fifth stories of the new Robeson building has arrived and is being hauled to the building site in downtown Champaign. The erection of the frame of the basement and the first three stories is almost completed.

Unit 4 aide sues over demotion

CHAMPAIGN — A Champaign school district teacher's aide has filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging that Unit 4 officials demoted him in retaliation for a discrimination complaint he filed that was later settled.

Life Remembered: 'A lot of heavy hearts'

MAHOMET — You don't forget those dimples.

Reflecting on the "goofy" and "ornery" fifth-grader who grew into a "sweet" and "personable" young man, Kari Calcagno smiled when reminiscing about Matthew Prather, an 18-year-old Mahomet-Seymour High School senior who passed away Thursday.

Offers, but no sale yet, on Amishland building

TUSCOLA — For sale: A big red barn next to an outlet mall.

Price tag: A cool $3.5 million.

Interested? Over the months it's been on the market, the Red Barn Buffet & Shoppes property has entertained some lookers, but it remains up for grabs, according to Champaign Realtor Alex Ruggieri.

Celebrating 19 years of writing this column

As of today, I have been writing this column for 19 years.

When I first started, John Beck, who was the executive editor of the paper at the time, said he would run three articles every other Saturday and see how the public reacted.