Starbucks faces image crisis after arrest of 2 black men

NEW YORK (AP) — Three years ago, Starbucks was widely ridiculed for trying to start a national conversation on race relations by asking its employees to write the words "Race Together" on coffee cups. The initiative, though it backfired, was in line with the company's longstanding effort to project a progressive and inclusive image.

Environmental Almanac | Time to tune in to the campus climate

I had intended last week to write a column encouraging readers to pay more attention to the damage being done by Scott Pruitt in his role as head of the federal EPA than his apparent lack of personal or professional ethics.

Real-life 'Dude': 'It would have been a hugely different film world without Roger'

CHAMPAIGN — Jeff Dowd is the inspiration for Jeff Bridges' "The Dude" in the Coen brothers' "The Big Lebowski," and has been friends with them since their first film, "Blood Simple."

They even call him "Doodinator."

He's been an exhibitor, marketing genius and adviser of sorts to directors, and he helped found the Sundance film festival, along with being a political activist.

Jim Dey | D'oh! Apu's appeal part of 'Simpsons' success

Is Apu a problem?

It depends whom one asks.

Those who still possess a sense of humor in a society increasingly afraid to laugh at itself aren't burdened by the representation of Indian-American Apu Nahasapeemapetilon on Fox's "The Simpsons."

Starbucks CEO discusses arrest at Philadelphia store

NEW YORK — After two black men were arrested at a Starbucks in Philadelphia, CEO Kevin Johnson said the company will review what happened and train workers on "unconscious bias."

Johnson was interviewed by The Associated Press on Monday morning. Questions and answers have been edited for length and clarity:

Q: Do you know more about what happened?

'Critical Conversation' speaker: Free-speech conflicts down, but tensions remain

URBANA — A noted constitutional scholar who will appear at the University of Illinois today says free-speech conflicts on college campuses appear to have eased a bit this year, but underlying tensions continue.

UI's Earth Week celebration begins with vegetarian/vegan feast

CHAMPAIGN — About 100 people packed Latzer Hall Monday afternoon, kicking off Earth Week on campus with a free vegetarian and vegan feast.

As part of "Meat-Free Monday" at the University YMCA, community members and students shared short talks about why they chose low-meat or no-meat diets and encouraged others to do the same, as a way to lighten their environmental footprint.

Unity Hall of Fame inductee: 'I wanted to impact the lives of the community'

This week in Tolono, four grads who've done Unity High proud will be inducted into the school's Alumni Hall of Fame.

Top of the Morning, April 17, 2018

On Tuesdays, we'll introduce the kids behind "High School Confidential." Today: Judah Christian's KIM DILLMAN, a talented senior who is headed to Ball State in the fall.

The salutatorian of a 17-member class is finishing off a long run at Judah, where she enrolled in preschool and stayed put.

This day in history, April 17, 2018

Today is Tuesday, April 17, the 107th day of 2018. There are 258 days left in the year.

Today's highlight

On April 17, 1961, some 1,500 CIA-trained Cuban exiles launched the disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba in an attempt to topple Fidel Castro, whose forces crushed the incursion by the third day.

On this date