Politics and Government

Politics and Government

Election 2019 | Champaign schools are 'so much more than facilities,' board candidate says

CHAMPAIGN — Before making the big decision a second time around, Champaign school board member Amy Armstrong called a family meeting.

By now, everyone was well-acquainted with what life as a Unit 4 board member looked like.

"It is a tremendous amount of work, and when people would say, 'I haven't seen you at the gym,' I would say, 'The school board swallowed me,'" she said.

Election 2019 | For incumbent Mayor Deb Feinen, it's all about 1-on-1 connections

CHAMPAIGN — For Deb Feinen, being mayor is all about the one-on-one.

When she wakes up and checks her email first thing, there are often hundreds of new messages to parse through. But the ones she looks for are about issues: potholes, broken streetlights, a constituent's predicament.

Jimmy Carter now longest-living U.S. president

ATLANTA (AP) — Nearly four decades after voters unceremoniously rejected then-President Jimmy Carter's bid for a second term, the 39th president has reached a milestone that electoral math cannot dispute: He is now the longest-living chief executive in American history.

Election 2019 | McDonald's vision for Unit 4: 'Run it a bit more like a business'

CHAMPAIGN — Everyone has a brand.

That includes retired businessman Lee McDonald, now a Champaign school board hopeful.

"I'm a little bit of the grumpy old man down the street," he said. "Maybe I'll be the grumpy old man on the school board."

Election 2019 | Danville needs to invest in students for a brighter future, Hoskins says

DANVILLE — Newcomer RICKY HOSKINS said he's running for the Danville school board because he wants all students to have what he had: "Schools with caring adults who lovingly help them because of the people they want to be."

Hoskins is one of the five candidates running for three seats on the Danville school board on April 2.

Election 2019 | Acting mayor: 'No one ... will work harder' for Danville

DANVILLE — More than a decade ago, Rickey Williams Jr. moved back to his hometown of Danville with the goal of someday becoming mayor.

After a loss to Scott Eisenhauer in a four-way race eight years ago, the 11th-year alderman didn't give up his dream to someday hold the gavel, presiding over council meetings as the city's top executive.

Election 2019 | City shouldn't repeat mistakes, Danville mayoral candidate says

DANVILLE — In what he calls an "election for the history books," Donald Crews hopes to trade in his city inspector job for Danville's top office.

The 37-year-old Vermilion County native, who has been a city employee in the code enforcement department for the past three years, said it's a time for residents to vote for the change they deserve.

Election 2019 | Candidate touts HR experience in bid for Urbana school board

URBANA — For Tori Exum-Johnson, the decision to run for a seat on Urbana's school board next month came back in 2017 — right after the planned demotion of a popular assistant superintendent.

U.S. hits Iran with new sanctions as Pompeo visits Lebanon

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration hit Iran with new sanctions on Friday while Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was denouncing Iran's growing influence on a visit to Lebanon.

Protesters block Iraq president's pathway over ferry sinking

MOSUL, Iraq (AP) — Iraqi residents of the northern city of Mosul, angry over the sinking of a ferry in the Tigris River that killed 95 people, blocked a road where Iraq's presidential convoy was passing on Friday, chanting "no to corruption" and pelting the provincial governor's car with stones in protest.