Sales tax fuels local governments

Christmas comes in the spring — for municipal governments, at least.

That bunch of gifts you bought on North Prospect Avenue in December? The sales tax you spent will show up in March in the city's checkbook.

Tax facts: Sales tax figures, 2006-2014

Highs and lows, 2006-2014

The smallest and largest months of sales tax receipts from the state for area cities


Low point: May 2007, 1,922,392.35

High point: March 2007, 3,262,697.37


It's Your Business: Quilting shop comes to Savoy

Farm Ridge, a quilting shop that carries fabrics, sewing machines and more, is coming to Savoy.

The business, owned by Deb Heater of rural Urbana, plans to occupy one of the buildings on the out-lot in front of the Wal-Mart Supercenter.

A grand opening is planned for Feb. 23, said Steve Heater, Deb's husband and business manager.

John Roska: Excise taxes vary, cannot be deducted

Q: How much do we pay in taxes on alcohol, tobacco, and gasoline? Can any of those tax payments be deducted on the federal tax return?

A: Taxes on alcohol, tobacco and gasoline are excise taxes. Those generally are imposed per unit measurement of something, rather than as a percentage of its price.

New rules help Illinois collect out-of-state sales taxes

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — The state of Illinois' Department of Revenue has new rules this year to target the collection of sales taxes from out-of-state businesses.

City may rethink Curtis-I-57 interchange

CHAMPAIGN — Eight years ago, the city of Champaign tried to bring orderly development to an area that looked like the next big hot spot.

Holiday shopping slump: U.S. retail sales fell in December


It's Your Business: More apartments coming near UI

Multistory complexes near campus will also have commercial space

Two new apartment complexes have been added to the growing list of residential projects near the University of Illinois.

Fisher postmaster putting a stamp on her 23-year career

FISHER — Sandra Wilson knows just about everyone in her hometown of Fisher. Forgive her, though, if it takes her a minute to think of everyone's name.

Their address? Now, that's another matter.

Stores, schools, road crews all warming up for winter

CHAMPAIGN — Hand warmers? Check.

Shovel? Check.

Snowblower? Somewhere in the back of the garage, where it's sat unused since last year.

If you don't have ice melt for your walkway, you might want to add that to your list, too.