Road Work

Road Work

Road to revenue: What will gas-tax hike, capital plan mean for Illinois?


Beginning July 1, the Illinois state tax on gasoline will double from 19 to 38 cents per gallon.

Top of the Morning, June 13, 2019

Nostalgia is one reason to pick up a 9-pound paver that once made up Park Avenue to the north of Champaign Central High.

Practicality is another.

Just Askin' | Walking over the Prospect/I-74 bridge

Q: Will pedestrians be able to walk across the Prospect Avenue bridge over Interstate 74 during construction?

A: No, they won't, at least during part of it.

During the second phase, construction crews will be redoing the east half of the bridge, including where the sidewalk is, said Ken Crawford, IDOT's implementation manager for District 5.

Work begins Monday on Prospect, two other bridges on I-74

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CHAMPAIGN — Construction will begin Monday on a $1.4 million project designed to repair the Prospect Avenue bridge crossing Interstate 74 in Champaign.

Street closures listing

Here is a list of street closures and road construction in East Central Illinois, provided by public works offices (If your public works department wants to send one, submit it via email to

Champaign council discusses balancing infrastructure needs with recession concerns

CHAMPAIGN — There's something many financial analysts seem to agree on currently, including those who forecast economic development in the city of Champaign — a recession is coming.

The effects of the last recession, which started with the 2007 financial crisis, are still being felt today.

Upon further reflection, no lights needed for new highway signs

CHAMPAIGN — The company that makes Scotch Tape and Post-It Notes also makes a new reflective sheeting that's being installed on new highway signs around town.

Minnesota-based 3M makes the new sheeting, which a company out of Arkansas uses to make the new signs that contractors have been installing the past couple weeks along highways that run through Champaign-Urbana.

Work will cut Prospect Avenue bridge over I-74 in half starting June 3

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CHAMPAIGN — Beginning next month, expect even more traffic on your next shopping trip to North Prospect Avenue.

Just Askin' | Prospect/I-74 bridge meeting

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Q: What are they doing on Prospect Avenue at Interstate 74? Why is there going to be a public meeting?

Road on southern end of UI campus to get $1.7 million makeover

CHAMPAIGN — A much-traveled section of a University of Illinois road is headed for a $1.7 million improvement in 2021.

The city of Champaign is seeking letters of interest from engineering firms to design improvements for St. Mary's Road between Neil and Fourth streets.