Road Work

Road Work

Tolono board OKs street repair plans

TOLONO — The village board has approved making $72,000 worth of street repairs this year.

MTD seeks grant to rebuild roads

CHAMPAIGN — For the third time, the Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District is seeking a federal grant to rebuild five major traffic corridors in central Champaign-Urbana.

"Hopefully the third time is the charm," MTD Managing Director Bill Volk told the district's board Wednesday.

Choices ahead for Paxton road work

PAXTON — Street superintendent Randy Swan told the city council that a wish list of streets to be improved and paved this summer would cost $295,000. The city will not spend that much. Instead, the aldermen will rely on Swan's advice to pick the streets that need work the most.

State funds to pay for widening of High Cross Road

The mayor of Urbana said nearly $8 million in funding from the state for a road project on the far east side of town is an important part of trying to develop the area.

Tolono near final list on road work

TOLONO — The board is expected to decide at its next meeting how much money to spend on street repairs this year — and where those repairs will be made.

Two weeks ago, engineer Tim LaRocque of Foth Infrastructure and Environment presented the village board with a list of streets that could be repaired and how much those repairs would cost.

Road work planned in Paxton

PAXTON — There will be lots of contractor activity in Paxton beginning later this month. Street department superintendent Randy Swan told the city council that Iroquois Paving secured the state bid to improve state Route 9 west of Interstate 57 and through the easternmost city limits.

Updated: Engineering money for I-57/74 interchange in next round of state plan

SPRINGFIELD — State officials are programming money for the next phase of engineering on the daunting interchange at Interstates 57 and 74 northwest of Champaign, and local officials are hoping the project will be shovel-ready sometime next year.

Tolono board considers road work

TOLONO - Village officials are considering how much to spend on street repairs this summer and which areas need the most improvement.

Local gas taxes bring repairs to roads

CHAMPAIGN — Nearly two years have passed since drivers in Champaign and Urbana started paying a 4-cent gas tax for road maintenance, and the two cities are now ramping up street maintenance with hundreds of thousands of dollars of new revenue.

So what have drivers gotten in return for their four extra cents per gallon?

Oregon to test charging for miles instead of gallons

URBANA — One of the issues local budgeters face with the gas tax model is that it's a per-gallon charge — whether gas is $1 or $4 per gallon, the amount drivers pay at the pump for road maintenance is the same.

So as gas prices go up and cars become more fuel-efficient, people buy less gas and the amount of money government agencies have to fix roads goes down.