Social Services

Social Services

Salvation Army to close thrift store in Danville

DANVILLE - The Salvation Army in Danville will be closing its thrift store at the end of this month, partly due to a continual decrease in sales, according to Captain Judy Lowder.

Helping heroes feel at home

Illiana system developing own version of program that places veterans in private residences

It has been only a year since Gloria and Jesse Carr invited a Vietnam veteran in need of long-term care to live with them in their home. Six months since they welcomed two more veterans.

But today, the Portage, Mich., couple can't imagine their lives without them.

Johnson pleased by farm bill's food stamp provision

CHAMPAIGN — The House version of a new five-year federal farm bill approved early Thursday includes a provision sponsored by U.S. Rep. Tim Johnson, R-Urbana, that allows food stamp recipients to use their Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program cards at farmers' markets.

Cooling assistance on the way

URBANA — Financial help is on the way to help cover the cost of cooling off from the summer heat wave.

But those who qualify will have to act quickly.

The money is expected to go fast, said Darlene Kloeppel, social services director at the Champaign County Regional Planning Commission.

CRIS seeks gift from Danville Cty Council to expand

DANVILLE — More than 500 seniors a day come to the CRIS Healthy Aging Center for services or activities and almost every office there houses two staff members.

Getting Personal: Lyn Jones

Getting Personal is an email Q&A with a local personality. Here, Melissa Merli chats with Lyn Jones of Champaign, president and CEO of the United Way of Champaign County. Getting Personal appears first in print, in the Sunday newspaper. In the July 8 paper, we'll have a chat with Champaign Police Chief Anthony Cobb.

Urbana man leads effort to aid Kenya

RANTOUL — When Carl Burkybile first traveled to Kenya some 15 years ago, he expected to enter the "WABAC machine" to be taken to a different era. But he was surprised how "way back" it was.

"It was definitely a step back in time," Burkybile said. "I expected it to be, but not to the extent it was. Most people where we go don't have electricity or indoor plumbing."

Fundraiser July 13 for group aiding adults with disabilities

CHAMPAIGN — An organization that provides financial help to improve the lives of adults with intellectual disabilities, or what used to be known as mental retardation, is seeking the local community's support.

Merger between nonprofit organizations finalized

DANVILLE — The Center for Children's Services and Aunt Martha's Vermilion Area Community Health Center finalized a merger between the two nonprofit organizations.

Under the merger, which took effect on Sunday, the center will operate as a division of Aunt Martha's. The merger will not affect the center's programs and services or its staff.

Mother and daughter named co-chairs of United Way of Champaign County's 2012 campaign

CHAMPAIGN — A mother and daughter will be leading the United Way of Champaign County's 2012 campaign.