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Kindness returned 10 years later

CHAMPAIGN — Not many people knew Ricky Greer was technically homeless as a high school junior and senior.

Not out-on-the-streets homeless, but forced to live at times with relatives and friends, separated from his sister and mom. She had lost her job, and the family hit "a rough patch," with no home of their own.

One of first Peace Corps volunteers treasures his time overseas

Fifty years ago, the Berlin Wall was not yet built, the term "Peace Corps" had just been invented and John F. Kennedy's idealism took hold in a young Army Reservist named Ron Peters.

Inspired by Kennedy, and his uncles' tales of overseas duty in World War II, Peters decided to see the world and use his teaching experience in a developing country.

Two more cats test positive for Tularemia

     The Champaign-Urbana Public Health District says two more cats have tested positive for the Tularemia disease.
     One of those cats is in Champaign.  The other is in Urbana.

New Monticello hospital running smoothly on first day of operation

     Officials at a new hospital in Monticello say the transition to the new facility is going smoothly.

     The new Kirby Medical Center opened Thursday morning.  Since then, hospital staff has been working to transfer patients from the old hospital to the new one.

Messages urge Johnson to guard food stamps, nutrition programs

Written on a simple paper plate, the message was short and to the point: "I need to eat."

Others were longer, detailing a family's desperate circumstances.

Contest seeks a charity for Web revamp

Think your favorite charity's website looks dated?

LRS Web Solutions of Springfield is holding a contest with the grand prize of a $10,000 website makeover.

The contest is open to any 501(c)3 nonprofit organization serving central Illinois that already has a website.

One in five children in county doesn't have enough food

CHAMPAIGN — One in five children in Champaign County doesn't have enough food, and many of them are not eligible for subsidized school lunches or other federal food assistance, hunger experts say.

Angel Food Ministries closing after 17 years

RANTOUL — A food ministry that served low-income residents and others affected by the poor economy is, itself, a victim of the economy.

Angel Food Ministries, which at one time served 500,000 families a month in 35 states, said last week it was closing after 17 years.

The shutdown was effective immediately.

Tips for helping with grief

Tips for grieving children and families:

1. Explain what "grieving" is to your child. Let them know that all the different feelings in their heart, head and body are parts of grieving, and they are normal and part of the process.

2. Remember that every child grieves in a unique way, based on age, development and experience.

Camp helps kids, teens deal with grief

CHAMPAIGN — Javin Coleman's grandmother taught him how to cook, watched him play computer games and took him camping.

She was always there when he needed her, and when she passed away in April, the last thing he wanted to do was go to a one-day camp and share his grief with other kids.

Until he got there.

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