Special Report

Special Report

Top of the Morning, June 11, 2017

On Friday afternoon, The News-Gazette was named the top newspaper in its class in Illinois for the third consecutive year, continuing a streak unlike any other in our 165-year history. Keeping the Mabel S. Shaw Memorial Trophy reminded everyone in our proud newsroom of the excellent work they do.

UPDATE: WDWS-WHMS-WKIO phones back up Tuesday

New 10:37 a.m.:

Phone service at the radio center has been restored.


Original story:

Sunday Special: Reflections from the press box

They have covered the Big Ten forever. They know every nook and cranny of the conference.

They are the Big Ten Sages.

AUDIO: the nuts and bolts of shutting down the Clinton power plant

Now that Exelon's Clinton power plant is slated for closure next year, a spokesperson for the company said the decommissioning process of the facility will take several years. Michael Kiser has more.

The Clinton power station is slated for closure on June 1st of next year, while the Quad Cities location will shut down in June of 2018.

AUDIO: two years after tornado, Gifford infrastructure nearly whole again

Two years after a tornado devastated the village of Gifford, the northern Champaign County community is closer than ever to being whole again. Phillip Kisubika went to Gifford and has more in these two reports.

Book 'em: Area libraries put up with plenty

The staff at public libraries often have to do much more than "shush" a noisy patron.

A review of hundreds of incident reports at the Champaign, Urbana and Danville public libraries reveals that, like many public places, libraries aren't sanctuaries from theft, rowdy behavior, drug and alcohol abuse, even sexual misconduct.

WDWS top stories of 2014 countdown #1 - November election results

Today the WDWS news team wraps up its countdown of the year's top five local news stories. The 2014 general election had several twists and turns and proved to be historic for our listening area. Phillip Kisubika has more in these two reports.

WDWS top stories of 2014 countdown #2 - Salaita, Kilgore cause controversy at UI

WDWS continues its countdown today of the top local news stories of 2014.  In the number two spot are a pair of controversial college faculty members whose attempts to get jobs got the University of Illinois some negative attention nationwide.  Tim Ditman has more.

WDWS top stories of 2014 countdown #3 - Cronus chooses Tuscola for plant

The WDWS news team continues its countdown today of the top five local news stories of 2014 as determined by the news team.  In the number three slot: a day a Douglas County community had long hoped for and waited for, and now the area is excited about the future. Michael Kiser reports.

WDWS top stories of 2014 countdown #4 - toxic waste banned from Clinton landfill

WDWS radio's year-end reports continue today with a look at the fourth biggest local news story of 2014 as determined by the DWS news department.  This was the year that groups made some progress in their long-time efforts to ban the dumping of toxic waste in a landfill on top of the Mahomet Aquifer. But the landfill owners aren't giving up on their plans.  Carol Vorel has more.