Special Report

Special Report

WDWS top stories of 2014 countdown #1 - November election results

Today the WDWS news team wraps up its countdown of the year's top five local news stories. The 2014 general election had several twists and turns and proved to be historic for our listening area. Phillip Kisubika has more in these two reports.

WDWS top stories of 2014 countdown #2 - Salaita, Kilgore cause controversy at UI

WDWS continues its countdown today of the top local news stories of 2014.  In the number two spot are a pair of controversial college faculty members whose attempts to get jobs got the University of Illinois some negative attention nationwide.  Tim Ditman has more.

WDWS top stories of 2014 countdown #3 - Cronus chooses Tuscola for plant

The WDWS news team continues its countdown today of the top five local news stories of 2014 as determined by the news team.  In the number three slot: a day a Douglas County community had long hoped for and waited for, and now the area is excited about the future. Michael Kiser reports.

WDWS top stories of 2014 countdown #4 - toxic waste banned from Clinton landfill

WDWS radio's year-end reports continue today with a look at the fourth biggest local news story of 2014 as determined by the DWS news department.  This was the year that groups made some progress in their long-time efforts to ban the dumping of toxic waste in a landfill on top of the Mahomet Aquifer. But the landfill owners aren't giving up on their plans.  Carol Vorel has more.

WDWS top stories of 2014 countdown #5 - new UI president

Today the WDWS news team begins its series reviewing the top five local stories of 2014 as determined by the news team.  Checking in at number five: the University of Illinois gets a new president. Timothy Killeen was introduced in November, and there was plenty from a cross-section of the university thrilled with the appointment. Scott Beatty has more.

AUDIO: search for new Champaign driver's license facility continues

As we get closer to changing the calendar to 2015, one of the bigger issues facing our area is when will another driver's license facility open in Champaign? A spokesman for that office says finding a solution has been deemed a top priority by the secretary of state himself. Michael Kiser reports.

Gifford Strong: What it means

Residents reflect on what "Gifford Strong" means to them:

Tim Dillman

One year later: Cooper the dog

One year after miraculously surviving a tornado that destroyed his family’s house, Cooper the dog spends his days rolling around and playing in the backyard with his 4-year-old pal, Jackson, and his nights sleeping on Jackson’s parents’ bed. 

Cooper's owners, Adam and Katie Pannbacker, say the survival of their brown boxer with the green John Deere collar is a symbol o

Bank president's fund idea turned out to be a blessing

GIFFORD — It started with a $5 donation from a child, a $1,000 gift from a construction company in town and employees at Gifford State Bank telling their boss they'd rather see the money for their Christmas party go toward starting a victims fund.

Gifford Stronger Than Ever: A special section

Putting together special sections like the one you're reading usually is tedious work.

But a strange thing happened on the way to producing this one.

Reporters wanted to write stories about Gifford. Photographers asked for assignments in Gifford. Heck, design editor Mike Goebel complained that 24 pages weren't enough for Gifford.