Teacher of the Week

Teacher of the Week

Teacher of the Week: Sushma Bridgemohan

Meet SUSHMA BRIDGEMOHAN, a Westview Elementary teacher whose journey to the classroom could almost be defined as a happy accident. A pre-med student with thoughts of a teaching career, Bridgemohan said a mistake while she was a student at UMass convinced her to change paths.

Teacher of the Week: Cheryl Shumate

Meet CHERYL SHUMATE, a 32-year teaching veteran who has spent the last 25 at Judith Giacoma Elementary in Westville. Shumate, who has taught third grade for the last 12 years, jokes that her birth order may have had a hand in her career choice.

Teacher of the Week: Joan Sutherland

Everything pointed to JOAN SUTHERLAND growing up to be a P.E. teacher, the career she'd decided on in sixth grade. She'd received scholarships to a suburban high school, then Indiana State University, where she competed in gymnastics before an injury led her to transfer to Eastern Illinois.

Teacher of the Week: Jennifer Riefsteck

If you stop by Rossville-Alvin Junior High this week, you just may catch JENNIFER REIFSTECK and her eighth-grade math students chucking Barbie dolls over the top of a stair railing.

Teacher of the Week: Bobbi Cosat

Meet BOBBI COSAT, a student-turned-teacher's aide-turned-certified teacher at Georgetown's Pine Crest Elementary.

Teacher of the Week: Jill Quisenberry

Meet Wiley Elementary's JILL QUISENBERRY, who's been teaching first grade at the school for 27 years.

"I found my groove in first grade," she said. "I really like the level; I like where the children are working, the gains they make over the course of the year. They're very inquisitive. It's a great year to be a part of their development."

Teacher of the Week | For this BHRA teacher, 'agriculture is part of our daily lives'

Meet AMY DeGOLYER, who, in her second year of teaching, helped Bismarck-Henning-Rossville-Alvin Cooperative High School launch its new agriculture/FFA program this year. "I never thought I wanted to start a program ...

Teacher of the Week: Jasmine Wong

Meet JASMINE WONG, a third-grade gifted-classroom teacher at Champaign's Booker T. Washington Elementary who has — in a way — been teaching for most of her life.

Teacher of the Week: Jennifer Heidrick

As a student at Bismarck-Henning High School, JENNIFER HEIDRICK never saw herself teaching. She thought, "No way I could do what they do — grading and dealing with student behavior. Yet, here I am," said Heidrick, who's in her seventh year of teaching art at Armstrong High and Armstrong-Ellis Grade School.

Teacher of the Week: Tim Hess

Meet TIM HESS — a self-described car-guy-turned-motorcycle-guy and the "Marine who teaches band" at Paxton-Buckley-Loda High.