It's Your Business: Karaoke club coming to A-Plus VIP Lounge

A-Plus VIP Lounge in downtown Urbana plans to open a karaoke club and cafe on the second floor of its building, owner Di Yu said last week.

Remodeling work has been going on this summer, and Yu said he hopes the rooms will be ready when University of Illinois students return in August.

UI, Carle researchers test new brain imaging process

URBANA — Researchers at the Carle health system and the University of Illinois have begun testing a new brain imaging technology on local patients — initially those with epilepsy and brain tumors — that they hope could make a big impact on medicine.

The core technology, magnetic resonance elastography, or MRE for short, isn't available in mainstream medical centers yet.

Rich Warren: Unlocking smartphone prices

Pity poor Clark Kent searching for a phone booth. The origin of phrases such as "It's your nickel" become lost in obsolescent obscurity. After nearly a century of relatively unchanged telephone service, the cellphone turned everything upside down in the past 20 years.

Joan Griffis: Take a study break — and smile

Genealogists need not be serious all the time. In fact, most researchers find that a change of outlook can sometimes be more productive than one might think.

Thus it is appropriate to take time to read the current issue of the Library of Congress Magazine (May/June 2015, Vol. 4, No. 3), "Collecting Comedy."

$10 million gift giving med school Jump-start

URBANA — The first major gift to the new Carle Illinois College of Medicine will also create the first concrete example of the school's engineering-based medical curriculum.

Graduation speech will be worth hearing

URBANA — When 5-year-old Makenzie Rivera delivers her speech at today's 2015 Carle Auditory and Oral School promotion ceremony, the crowd will never be able to tell that just a few short months ago, she couldn't say more than two words at a time.

Tech firm gives $10 million to new UI med school

URBANA — The new College of Medicine at the University of Illinois has received its first major gift, a $10 million donation from the financial technology firm Jump Trading.

Rich Warren: Generating ideas about TV reception, DVD transfers

After reading our column on TV reception a few weeks ago, a couple of readers offered further suggestions.

This reader sent detailed instructions for improving reception of WILL-TV:

Rest easy: This watch is on 24/7

URBANA — Anybody who has tried to get some rest in the hospital knows that can be a challenge sometimes.

But some patients in one area of Carle Foundation Hospital are trying out technology that could eliminate one source of rest interruptions — those that come when it's time to get their vital signs checked.

Facebook now worth more than Wal-Mart on stock market

NEW YORK (AP) — Facebook is now bigger than Wal-Mart, at least when it comes to its value on the stock market.