Lawmakers urge federal agency to build campus in Illinois

MASCOUTAH, Ill. (AP) — Member of Illinois' congressional delegation are appealing to the head of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency in support of Scott Air Force Base's bid to host its new facility.

UPDATED: Discovery confirms Einstein prediction; NCSA played role

URBANA — A billion light years from Earth, two dense objects known as black holes collide at enormous speed, sending giant ripples through the fabric of space-time.

He changed schools but left plenty behind

URBANA — He raised $10,000 to buy 360 laptops for Franklin Middle School in Champaign.

But 14-year-old Nicolas Ramkumar doesn't want credit for his work.

"I have always been taught to try to help whenever I can," he said. "I was taught to always give back and to leave everywhere I am better than when I got there."

Rich Warren: Caring for turntables is key

DVDs and Blu-ray digital discs compromise video quality and it is imperative we return to the grooved RCA Selectavision videodiscs from the 1980s. A second best fallback would be analog Laservision discs. Although they lacked grooves, they were tried-and-true analog. Any person can see that their video quality surpassed these tiny silver DVDs with their digital compression.

Twitter tweaks its timeline in pursuit of more users

MICHAEL LIEDTKE, AP Technology Writer

Government will consider Google computer to be car's driver

TOM KRISHER, Associated Press
JUSTIN PRITCHARD, Associated Press

AP Exclusive: Iranian drone first over US carrier since 2014

JON GAMBRELL, Associated Press

Joan Griffis/Illinois Ancestors: Now is the time to start writing stories

Every family has stories to tell and it's never too late to start writing about them! This advice has been given by many columnists over the years but it still deserves repeating. An easy way to begin is to purchase a little notebook, preferably with lines to make writing easier, date the first page and begin writing.

UI lab aims to change how we look at medicine

URBANA — It's a scene straight out of Star Trek: a doctor uses a hand-held device to track molecular changes in your body to find out if the medicine you just took is working.

Striking gold: 50 things about Super Bowl 50

In honor of the Super Bowl's 50th anniversary, staff writer Paul Wood unearthed 50 nuggets about the big game