Jupiter's moon count reaches 79

NEW YORK (AP) — Astronomers are still finding moons at Jupiter, 400 years after Galileo used his spyglass to spot the first ones.

The latest discovery of a dozen small moons brings the total to 79, the most of any planet in our solar system.

Amazon's Prime Day beset by technical snags

NEW YORK (AP) — Amazon's website ran into some snags quickly Monday on its much-hyped Prime Day, an embarrassment for the tech company on the shopping holiday it created.

Shoppers clicking on many Prime Day links got only an abashed-looking dog with the words, "Uh-oh. Something went wrong on our end." Many took to social media to complain that they couldn't order items.

Top of the Morning, July 16, 2018

Not two weeks after I looked at the biggest stories of 2018 on our website, a new entry has quickly climbed into second place and is knocking the door for most pageviews.

Rich Warren | Maximize the life of your devices

This simple reader question warrants a complex answer: "Can you tell me if iPads wear out? Mine is acting up, and friends are telling me it wore out. It's about 6 years old."

I can't diagnose the problems with your iPad. Six years is a good run.

The Reluctant Townie | Pitching virtual-reality apps for Oculus Go

In May, premiere virtual-reality company — and $2.3 billion Facebook acquisition — Oculus VR released its game-changing virtual-reality headset Oculus Go.

Local cybersecurity expert who worked on DNC hack: Russians were sloppy

CHAMPAIGN — Early in the summer of 2016, before the public knew about leaked Democratic Party emails or Russian hackers, John Bambenek and other cybersecurity experts were brought in to help confirm the source of the breach.

Robotics expert to be first woman to lead UI computer-science department

URBANA — Nancy Amato, a computer-science professor and robotics expert from Texas A&M, has been chosen to lead the highly ranked University of Illinois Department of Computer Science — the first woman to hold that position.

Entertainment listings, July 12-19, 2018


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Top of the Morning, July 12, 2018

Passers-by can see the studios of our three radio stations — WDWS 1400-AM, WHMS 97.5-FM, WKIO 107.9-FM — from outside The News-Gazette in downtown Champaign. Now they can hear them, too.

Facebook faces British fine over its data privacy scandal

LONDON (AP) — Facebook is facing its first financial penalty for allowing the political consultancy Cambridge Analytica to forage through the personal data of millions of unknowing Facebook users.