Rich Warren: The real truth about gadget shopping

Give thanks for the technology that enhances our lives. But don't let technology overshadow the human values of Thanksgiving. And that means waiting one more day before abandoning all financial reasoning to begin shopping.

So-called Black Friday constitutes one of the great frauds in American commerce.

UPDATED: Mahomet trustees vote to repeal video gaming ban

MAHOMET — In the end, the debate over Mahomet’s video gaming ban came down to taxes.

The board of trustees voted 4-2 to repeal the ban on Tuesday night, with proponents of the measure citing the need to encourage commercial growth in a community where the tax base is overwhelmingly residential.

Students 'flip' over prof's class, which blends online and in-class learning

URBANA — Not everyone would show clips of the unfortunately named British game show "Golden Balls" to illustrate a microeconomics lesson, but Jose Vazquez is not a typical teacher.

Class only a click away

URBANA — As a first-semester freshman, Madison Aiello was leery of piling too many hours into her class schedule at the University of Illinois this fall.

So she signed up for four classes on campus and two more eight-week UI courses online: introduction to theater and integrative biology.

Wired In: Ryan Shelton

On Sundays, staff writer Paul Wood spotlights a high-tech difference maker. This week, meet Ryan Shelton, 32, CEO of PhotoniCare, which was founded in 2013 to improve patient care, equipping physicians with better diagnostic tools developed at a bioengineering research lab here.

Decatur debating rules for drones in parks

DECATUR (AP) — The city of Decatur is debating rules for the use of drones in parks.

Chief Park Ranger Ed Culp told a park district board meeting Wednesday that his main concerns were possible criminal use of drones and district liability in the event that someone were injured by one of the devices.

Joan Griffis/Illinois Ancestors: Gettysburg Address anniversary is near

It was on Nov. 19, 1863, that our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, spoke at the dedication of the Soldiers' National Cemetery in Gettysburg, Pa., 4 months after the Union armies defeated those of the Confederacy at the Battle of Gettysburg.

Rich Warren: The cloud and your coffee

Most improved roads in Champaign County, laid out well over a century ago, fail today's traffic load. While local rush hour pales in comparison with big cities, it provides a daily reminder of insufficient long term vision.

Orland Park police get approval from FAA to use drone

ORLAND PARK, Ill. (AP) — Police in the Chicago suburb of Orland Park say they have permission from the Federal Aviation Administration to use a drone.

Wired In: Lance Liggett

On Sundays, staff writer Paul Wood spotlights a high-tech difference maker. This week: LANCE LIGGETT, 26, founder of Hot Spot Response, a reliable, affordable, easy-to-use system for emergency responders to keep track of each other by phone. It also works with computers. He has been in fire service since 17, when he started as a volunteer.