Autos eclipse small gadgets at CES 2018

LAS VEGAS — The smartphones and other small machines that used to dominate the annual CES gadget show have been overshadowed in recent years by bigger mobile devices: namely, automobiles.

UI grad sues Google over termination, alleging reverse discrimination

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A Google engineer fired for writing a memo questioning Google's commitment to diversity has filed a lawsuit alleging his ouster was driven by a corporate culture that discriminates against white men and people with conservative views, including supporters of President Donald Trump.

Apple investors urge action to curb child gadget addiction

NEW YORK (AP) — Two major Apple investors have urged the iPhone maker to take action to curb growing smartphone addiction among children, highlighting growing concern about the effects of gadgets and social media on youngsters.

Those Who Served: He helped keep our birds in the air

CHAMPAIGN — From the Korean War to the Cold War to Vietnam, Dick Oliver kept the planes flying for 20 years.

The Air Force master sergeant, now 86, remembers well the paranoia of the Cold War, when his family was told to head for the mountains if there was a nuclear attack in the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.

"If we had an atomic war, we'd all be dead," he said.

Top of the Morning, Jan. 8, 2018

A couple of our more recent hires have been helping this older dog learn a few new digital tricks.

Wired In: Philip Krein

Each week, staff writer Paul Wood chats with a high-tech entrepreneur. This week, meet PHILIP T. KREIN, the University of Illinois Grainger Emeritus Chair in Electric Machinery and Electromechanics who has been named a fellow of the National Academy of Inventors. He's an alumni of his department, having earned his master's degree and Ph.D.

Significant Structures: For Urbana's Busey's Hall/Princess Theater, a baptism by fire

URBANA — The same day as the Great Chicago Fire, all the wooden buildings on Urbana's Main Street burned down.

The only survivor: Busey's Hall, an opera house on the Busey Block built by descendants of the town's founder.

Rich Warren: Turntable comes with steep price tag

The Pursuits section of the Nov. 20 issue of Business Week featured the new Mark Levinson No. 515 turntable, priced at $10,000. You might guess that the magazine's Pursuits section features products for financially fortunate readers looking for ways to spend their wealth.

Hyundai, Aurora to release autonomous cars by 2021

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Hyundai Motor Co. said Thursday it will begin selling its first self-driving vehicles by 2021 in partnership with U.S. based self-driving technology startup Aurora Innovation Inc.

Within in three years, Hyundai and Aurora will bring autonomous vehicles to markets that can operate without human input in most conditions, the company said in a statement.

Illinois Ancestors: DNA tests compared on NBC's 'Today'

DNA testing has been in the news lately as a means to determine/suggest one's ethnic background. The three major home-testing companies were recently given a challenge by the officials at TV's "Today" show to determine if home DNA tests are really accurate.