Rich Warren: Cutting through operating systems quite a procedure

Decide not merely between Apples and oranges, but Apple and everyone else.

Choose the iPhone and iPad with their iOS operating system or Google's Android universe of scores of brands. They're competitive in overall functionality, yet there remains a world of difference even though the Google Play store now offers about the same number of apps as the iTunes store.

Illinois Ancestors: Global reunion set for June in New York City

What started out as a "long shot" idea — the world's largest family reunion — is developing into something quite impressive, especially since the National Genealogical Society (NGS), the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) and several well-known genealogists have agreed to support the function.

BAHA implant leads to scholarship, study abroad

CHAMPAIGN — Sarah Johnson's partial deafness was discovered when she was 5 years old. Her mom had tried to whisper something to her in her right ear, and she couldn't hear it, Johnson recalls.

Now 24, Johnson is a University of Illinois graduate student studying linguistics, thanks in part to an implant she received in her late teens called a BAHA, or bone-anchored hearing aid.

Induct these in new hall of fame

The museum that houses the National Toy Hall of Fame is establishing a World Video Game Hall of Fame.

The Strong museum in Rochester, N.Y., says the video hall announced last week will recognize electronic games of all types: arcade, console, computer, handheld and mobile.

Our resident video game expert, Joel Leizer, says these five video games belong in the inaugural class:

Rich Warren: Search still on for immaculate reception

Writing for the Living section of this paper about a wedding reception might be easier than writing here about TV reception. Strapping a large antenna onto my car to travel around two counties checking local reception defies possibility, so I rely on reports from readers, such as this one:

Rauner visits for launch of Uber in C-U

CHAMPAIGN — The Uber ride-sharing service opened in Champaign-Urbana on Sunday — as well as in Bloomington-Normal, Rockford and Aurora — and Gov. Bruce Rauner came to town to welcome it.

Rich Warren: It's time to speak up about speakers

Questing for great sound ignited my passion for this line of work of writing about it. Back in those technologically Pleistocene times, interest in quality audio resembled the current smartphone mania. The difference being that phones provide an essential means of communication while stereo systems offer strictly pleasure.

SafeWalks set to debut mobile app

URBANA — It's late at night, you're alone and not sure where you are, but you need to go home.

Pull up the SafeWalks app and within moments, you'll get a call back, a student patrol officer will meet you and you will be safely on your way home.

Illinois Ancestors: Learn to read German civil registrations is a subscription-based source of genealogical records worldwide. Researchers have also learned to access these databases by using the facilities of a local library having such a subscription. In addition to providing helpful data to genealogists, has a Learning Center with dozens of helpful, free articles.

Covenant finishes pilot study on remote monitoring

URBANA — Some patients need some extra surveillance when they're in the hospital, but the extra eyes and ears watching more at-risk patients aren't necessarily in the same building — or even the same city — as the patients are.