Concerts mark 30th anniversary of Computer Music Project

URBANA — Two concerts, one this week and the other in April, will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Computer Music Project, which is part of the University of Illinois Experimental Music Studios.

Better tech makes fake IDs harder to detect

Ease of access to forgeries has prompted police to step up their enforcement efforts

Bouncers in Campustown are veterans at spotting fake IDs.

They know the signs — the logo isn't quite right, the color is off, the card just doesn't have the right feel.

UI: Sugarcane could become oil-producing crop for biodiesel

A roundup of agriculture news:

URBANA — A team of researchers led by the University of Illinois recently reported that it can increase sugarcane's geographic range and turn it into an oil-producing crop for biodiesel production.

UI part of $62.5 million effort to improve medical-training devices

URBANA — A fever raging, blood pressure dropping and heart rate speeding up, the patient goes into septic shock.

What should the doctors and nurses do? Administer antibiotics and other medicines? Add fluids? Resuscitate?

Champaign launches email newsletter

CHAMPAIGN — Anyone can now sign up for a monthly, electronic newsletter from the city.

The first issue of The Champaign Insider will be emailed to subscribers on March 1, according to a press release. It will highlight different city services, projects and events.

Rich Warren: Some questions and answers

Questions. We have questions:

"We have a lot of VHS tapes (like the Johnny Carson's The Tonight Show). Is there any way to copy these tapes onto a DVD? They don't make a VCR any more that plays them. I have one now but when it goes south we can't watch them any more."

UI engineers making cells easier to see

New product lets researchers get images of them without killing them in process

CHAMPAIGN — Biological researchers can get faster, more sensitive images of live cells and tissues thanks to a company building on technology developed at the University of Illinois.

Production recreates nascent tech from late '60s

URBANA — Bill Gates and Steve Jobs brought personal computing into our lives — but they weren't the ones who pioneered the technology.

Much of the credit for that goes to Douglas Engelbart and others at the Stanford Research Institute.

UI Extension has resources online for health care law

URBANA — With a little more than a month left before Affordable Care Act open enrollment closes, the University of Illinois Extension says it's providing an unbiased resource to help people make their health insurance choices.

Monticello committee pressing to get fiber optic network running

MONTICELLO — The 72 strands of razor-thin, blazing-fast fiber optic data wire are in the ground and ready to be turned on, meaning the opportunity for higher Internet speeds than ever before in Monticello.