UI institute represents 'next step' for research

CHAMPAIGN — Say you invented a new coating for airplanes — a de-icer, for example.

To take the next step and put it on a plane, you would have to integrate it into the design of the plane itself, consider factors like weight, durability, quality control, environmental impacts, how it will fit into the fabrication process, how it fits in your company's economic model and more.

Rich Warren: Apple's again worming in on the fun

Internet sites recently leaked plans from the darling of technology to forsake the world standard headphone jack for a proprietary headphone jack.

Just over a year ago Apple changed its proprietary 30-pin jack to a new proprietary micro "Lightning" connector. This forced consumers who bought new Apple products to buy $29 adapters to continue using their legacy accessories.

Illinois Ancestors: Genealogy's top 2 sites hit by attacks

According to an article in the online Genealogy in Time Magazine Newsletter (June 21, 2014), and Find A Grave both experienced extended website outages recently. They were flooded with fake traffic in what is known as a distributed denial of service attack, a method popular with Internet pirates.

Top of the Morning, June 30, 2014: From the archives

There used to be a ballpark here.

And Strawberry Fields, but not forever.

Arnold and Mabel Beckman gave the University of Illinois $40 million and, Sinatra and the Beatles notwithstanding, the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology will turn 25 this year.

Camp at UI aims to get girls focused on computing

URBANA — Calla Carter, then an excited 14-year-old, arrived at a computer science camp in Connecticut, checked in to the girls cabin and wondered, where is everyone?

Turns out she was the single girl out of 60 campers attending the camp.

"I was all on my own," she said of the experience from several years ago.

The fix is in — no, really! — for your gadgets

Welcome to the sheep ranch. We let the corporations controlling technology corral us, then shear us and set us back out to pasture to graze.

Rich Warren: A look at Internet neutrality

The term "net neutrality" — short for Internet neutrality — jumps out at you from this newspaper, radio and TV news, as well as a myriad of Internet sites and blogs.

Rich Warren: Antenna should improve in-home radio reception

When FM broadcasting arrived in the 1940s, it surpassed AM not only with its wider frequency response, but also wider dynamic range with far less noise. Basically, noise, like a weed, is any sound you don't want to hear. Common electrical noise tends to be amplitude modulated (AM).

Illinois Ancestors: Genealogical society creates Declaration of Rights

At the recent National Genealogical Society's 2014 conference, the society's president, Jordan Jones, announced the creation of the Genealogists' Declaration of Rights — a statement advocating open access to federal, state and local public records. All genealogists are advised to review this document and sign it online at

UI names new chief information officer pending board's OK

CHAMPAIGN — An administrator at Case Western Reserve University has been named the next chief information officer at the University of Illinois.

Mark Henderson, currently the interim vice president and chief information officer for information technology services at Case Western, will assume the new post Aug. 16, pending approval from the UI Board of Trustees.