Lincoln Hall Renovations Update

Craftsmen taking pains to restore historic Lincoln Hall — with some modern amenities.

UI physicists part of effort to locate Higgs boson particle

In the world of top quarks and leptons, this was big news.

Researchers announced in early December that they may be close to finding the elusive Higgs boson, a crucial missing piece of the standard model for explaining why matter has mass and how the universe's smallest components interact. And UI physicists will play a role in verifying its existence in the coming year.

Clinton plant back on line after refueling

CLINTON — The Clinton nuclear generating station, located about 35 miles west of Champaign, has completed its latest refueling outage in just 23 days and 22 hours.

UI won't go triple-X in domain names

Other schools are registering special new domain names to protect brands from adult-oriented enterprises

Unless you like receiving cease-and-desist letters from the University of Illinois' legal team, don't even think about launching a website like to sell or promote, ahem, adult entertainment or anything else.

Time short to win contribution for food bank

CHAMPAIGN — Less than a week remains for the local community to get involved in a Facebook competition to help win a $10,500 contribution for the Eastern Illinois Foodbank.

WITS giveaway lets mom make her mentally disabled son's Christmas

DANVILLE — Gloria Vance couldn't hold back tears Wednesday when her son Albert got his first computer.

"I'm so happy for him," said Vance, 78, who calls Albert, 42, her "shining light."

Transition delayed for UI computer-based phone system

URBANA — A transition period for University of Illinois employees switching to a new computer-based phone system will be delayed by a month so phone companies can round up the 30,000 temporary phone numbers needed.

Nutrition, cognition research center in works at UI

The University of Illinois has partnered with an Illinois pharmaceutical and nutritional products company to create a new center on campus that will focus on interdisciplinary nutrition and cognition research.

Urbana residents have gotten hundreds of free energy audits

URBANA — Urbana homeowners have a few months left to get free energy audits for their homes before grants paying for them expire.

The city began a partnership with the Ameren Illinois ActOnEnergy program in August 2010 to provide free energy audits for single-family homes and provide financial assistance for homeowners who begin insulation and air/duct sealing projects.

Firm considers expansion of Rantoul enterprise zone to Gibson City

GIBSON CITY — One Earth Energy, an ethanol plant in Gibson City, is looking to have an enterprise zone in Rantoul extended all the way to Gibson City — a move that would allow the plant to use the zone's economic incentives to save costs on purchases and possibly expand.