Rich Warren: Let's take a look into the Willow Glass ball

Technology shatters crystal balls. So the glassmaker Corning Corp. invented flexible, nearly indestructible Willow Glass as mentioned last year. You'll be seeing it in and on current and future smartphones, tablets, TVs and possibly even car windows.

Local robotics team starts new season next month

CHAMPAIGN — For a local robotics team made up of middle and high schoolers, build season is a six-week scramble.

Last year, the challenge was to build a robot that fired Frisbees, could move offensively in matches against other robots (including forward, backward and sideways) and could climb a jungle-gym like structure. It will start next year's season Jan. 4.

Biz Quiz 2013: A look back at the year in business

It was a year populated with food-truck startups and crowd-funding schemes. A year in which IMAX came to Savoy.

A year in which Flex-N-Gate's Shahid Khan leapfrogged Oprah on Forbes magazine's rankings of the 400 richest Americans.

Ah, 2013 — how much we'll remember, how much we'll forget.

Tech fair for middle, high school students set Jan. 3

DANVILLE — The Danville Family YWCA and University of Illinois 4-H are teaming up to sponsor a tech fair for middle school and high school students.

The event will be held from noon to 1:30 p.m. Jan. 3 at the YMCA, 1111 N. Vermilion St., Danville. It is free, and registration isn't required.

At Kenwood, programming students to succeed

When you think of elementary school, you think of reading, writing and arithmetic — but probably not computer programming.

That's changing.

Rich Warren: Welcome to era of affordability

'Tis the day after Christmas and all through the house the creatures are stirring with no rest for a mouse (or touchscreen).

Vision of the future: Two UI institutes experimenting with Google Glass

URBANA — Over the last few weeks, A.J. Christensen has been exploring technology straight out of a Robert Downey Jr. superhero flick.

Champaign's website flunks audit for 'online transparency'

CHAMPAIGN — The city is failing when it comes to providing information on its website, a conservative research institute says.

New UI building taking energy efficiency to whole new level

URBANA — The miles of cable strung through this building would rival any on campus.

As its name implies, the $95 million Electrical and Computer Engineering Building going up on Wright Street, just south of the Beckman Institute, will require some serious power.

Apple cites Gray's Disney iPad app as 2013's best

URBANA — All Theodore Gray wanted this Christmas was for the Apple store to feature the Disney app he helped develop.

Apple went a few steps further, this week honoring the Urbana native's work as "the iPad app of the Year 2013."