Office gets permission to file reports electronically

URBANA — One might not equate backflips with a technology upgrade, but the latter has produced great joy in the Champaign County circuit clerk's office.

A week ago, Circuit Clerk Katie Blakeman got word from the Illinois secretary of state that her office can now send reports to that office electronically instead of filling out paper copies by hand and putting them in the U.S. mail.

Rich Warren: A clearer picture on LCD, LED technology

A reader responded to a recent column about LCD versus plasma displays:

"Read your article today about TVs when you said LCD TV is the same as LED TV. I am thinking about a new TV. I still have a nice tube TV, a 40-inch Sony, but it takes up a lot of space."

Champaign council to vote on $290,000 in incentives for Yahoo

CHAMPAIGN — Internet giant Yahoo says its decision on whether to nearly double its space and triple its employment numbers in Champaign will be driven by whether the city council signs off on a package of development incentives.

Single-site robotic surgery for hysterectomy

URBANA — When Tonya Retter of LeRoy learned she would need to undergo a hysterectomy earlier this year, she was prepared for a surgery with multiple incisions.

But she liked the option her doctor offered her better — a new, robotic procedure that requires just one small incision — in her navel.

Son posts father's World War II diary online

CHAMPAIGN — Veteran Charles F. "Chick" Bruns of Champaign wrote a "blog" during World War II.

Only now is it being published.

And with the help of a website created by his son, readers can follow along — 70 years later — with daily entries in his diary, as his unit served in north Africa and Europe, until the war's end.

Rich Warren: Examining the pros and cons of current tablets

Next to smart phones, tablets cause the greatest excitement and confusion in the electronics world. This reader query embodies that:

Illinois Ancestors: Writing contest entries sought

The International Society of Family History Writers and Editors has announced that it is now accepting entries for its annual Excellence in Writing competition.

The contest is open to family history writers who are nonmembers as well as members, whose work is in any media (e.g., magazines, newspapers, journals, websites or blogs).

Monticello fiber-optic installation nearly finished

MONTICELLO — Fiber-optic installation is nearly complete and may be in use for local governmental entities by the beginning of the year.

Health insurance site going offline Saturday night

WASHINGTON (AP) The troubled health insurance website is going offline until Sunday morning.

The Health and Human Services Department says a technology team will be working on, so people won't be able to apply or enroll through the site.

The site will be down from about 9 p.m. Saturday to about 9 a.m. Sunday.

Rich Warren: Plasma TVs are fading; time to consider LCDs

Today we conjure the video spirits to answer a reader question concerning plasma versus LCD TVs. Once upon time, you could see ghosts on plasma sets caused by burn-in.