Google's 'Security Princess' a hacker's nightmare

Forget all your stereotypes about computer engineers.

First, Parisa Tabriz is a woman. Not that she makes a big deal about it, but that's still a rarity in the upper echelons of the computer hacking world (the legal kind).

Rich Warren: AM radio, better on the Internet

Hold the champagne. In just six years, AM radio celebrates its centennial in the United States. Although radio historians dispute the exact date, Westinghouse Electric's experimental KDKA in Pittsburgh began broadcasting in November of 1920. Most AM stations did not sign on until 1922. KDKA continues broadcasting today as a CBS affiliate.

Illinois Ancestors: Cemeteries' data withheld by states

Steve Seim has a most comprehensive website at that is designed to record burials of residents of such institutions as asylums, poor farms, orphanages, etc., so that those individuals will not be lost to history.

Body cameras become the norm for police

CHAMPAIGN — When Mike Walker became a police officer 25 years ago, he never imagined that his clipboard full of incident-report sheets would one day be replaced with computers in squad cars, video cameras on the dash, and now, tiny body cameras recording from the lapel of a shirt.

'It's cool to be a hacker'

URBANA — Women, if you're dismayed with the number of females studying and working in technology and are thinking of leaving the field, don't do it, says Max Levchin, entrepreneur, investor and University of Illinois computer science graduate.

UI, University of Chicago working together

Engineering students at the University of Illinois are working with Chicago business students to develop ideas that could lead to new tech startups as part of a new pilot program between Illinois and the University of Chicago.

Tour aims to break old-school perception of manufacturing jobs

DANVILLE — It's dirty, hot, sweaty, back-breaking work where you check your brain at the door.

That's Judd Peck's description of the old-school perception of manufacturing that companies like his — Danville Metal Stamping — battle to dispel, especially when trying to find qualified workers.

Rich Warren: Ear ye! Ear ye! These headphones are the real deal

Two new headphones fill your ears with the splendid fidelity of full-range music while reducing, and in one case nearly eliminating, background distractions.

Campaign touts accomplishments, entices tech talent

CHAMPAIGN — A marketing campaign to persuade prospective employees to move to Champaign-Urbana could get underway in a few months if backers can find a way to cover the $100,000 cost.

Illinois Ancestors: Find records on FamilySearch

Genealogists worldwide visit FamilySearch ( to obtain free data on their families. There is an easy way to access Illinois collections with only a few clicks.

Click on "Search" at the top of the homepage.

Scroll down and click on "Browse all published collections."

Under "place" (on the left side), click on "United States."