Rich Warren: Digital storage of CD contest poses a puzzler

Large collections of an old technology known as the compact disc encumber us like the chains on Marley's ghost. Many of us want the flexibility of hearing our music anytime, anyplace without the space and handling required by physical discs. We also may prefer the full fidelity offered by CD.

Firm buys Verizon stores in Danville

DANVILLE — After opening a new store in Champaign last month, Russell Cellular announced Wednesday that it has purchased two Verizon retail stores in Danville.

Yahoo to add 80 jobs at Research Park site

CHAMPAIGN — Yahoo plans to add 80 positions in the University of Illinois Research Park in the coming year, bringing employment at its Champaign office to nearly 200, a top company official said.

The Internet giant already is recruiting UI students for employment after graduation this spring, Senior Vice President Scott Burke said.

Illinois Ancestors: Black history celebrated this month

February has again been designated as Black History Month. Thus it is appropriate to highlight some websites related to this subject.

Digital library on slavery

Breaking ground at UI: Five things to know about Yahoo

With Yahoo planning to break ground Wednesday on an expanded location in the University of Illinois Research Park, here are a few things to know about the Internet giant:

Yahoo has had a presence in the UI Research Park since 2007. Its 24,000-square-foot office at 2021 S. First St., C, has about 90 employees.

UI grad returns to campus to encourage 'hackerspaces'

URBANA — If you've ever found yourself in a restaurant or clinic waiting room with a TV or three turned on, volume up, political pundits shouting at each other or game show contestants screaming, and wished it would all go away, you just may have found a friend in Mitch Altman.

Cellist plans enlightening performance

URBANA — Innovative cellist Maya Beiser has incorporated visuals in her performances before, but usually as video projections on screens.

Then, not too long ago, she became inspired by famed Korean-American artist Nam June Paik's "TV Cello," designed in 1971 for the avant-garde cellist Charlotte Moorman.

Rich Warren: 'Smart' appliances coming ... as if we need them

Las Vegas regressed to normal. Visitors once again reverted to losing money on the slot machines rather than betting on the latest hot technology. The overall take on this year's International Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month was that it focused on an interconnected world of things.

Easter, Kennedy condemn online remarks about Wise

URBANA — University of Illinois President Robert Easter and Board Chairman Christopher Kennedy today condemned the hateful remarks uttered earlier this week by some students who disagreed with the chancellor's decision to hold classes on Monday.

Illinois Ancestors: Genealogy sites ranked worldwide

GenealogyInTime Magazine has released its third annual ranking of the 100 most popular genealogy websites.