3-D projector offers enhanced learning - and it's cool

DANVILLE — What happens when you a combine a seventh-grade science lesson on plant cell anatomy with the technology of a three-dimensional movie?

South View Middle School teachers are about to find out.

New planetarium program offers African perspective on the sky

We all live under the sky. A show opening at the Staerkel Planetarium shows it from an African perspective.

The shows draws on African creation legends of the Yoruba and Taureg, as well as written and architectural treasures of Egypt, with an introduction by planetarium Director David Leake.

Rich Warren: Car guys brought biggest news to CES

The popular press morphed the International Consumer Electronics Show that occupied Las Vegas last week into the "gadget show."

That's rather humbling for one of world's most important trade shows. When I began covering CES in 1976, the mainstream press couldn't be bothered to report on it. Even during the years CES occurred in Chicago, the local papers barely gave it lip service.

Illinois Ancestors: Death list accessibility now limited

The U.S. budget bill that was recently signed into law includes the closure of the Social Security Death Index and the exemption of SSDI information from the Freedom of Information Act.

Richard Eastman's Genealogy Newsletter (Dec. 30) and Curt Witcher's Genealogy Gems (Dec. 31 news from the Fort Wayne, Ind., Library) both reported on this depressing news.

Mayor wants to light up Gibson City

GIBSON CITY — Mayor Dan Dickey has an admittedly "ambitious" idea to make Gibson City's downtown a "destination" like no other in East Central Illinois.

Dickey is proposing spending $300,000, perhaps more, to turn his city into "The City of Lights."

You're never too old for tech savvy

URBANA — These iPad users may not care much for Twitter or Snapchat, but give them a Walgreen's app, and they're all over it.

Retirees at Clark-Lindsey Village were treated to an "iPad how to" seminar Friday afternoon, courtesy of Busey's tech experts.

Bacteria could make oil extraction less disruptive to environment

More than a mile beneath Decatur, where temperatures reach 122 degrees and no light penetrates, lives a community of bacteria happily munching on iron and other geological delicacies.

Still no deal to build out UC2B

CHAMPAIGN — A year and a half later, local officials still have few answers about what will become of $400,000 committed by Champaign-Urbana residents toward the expansion of a high-speed, fiber-optic network while delays plague similar efforts in Chicago and Seattle.

Rich Warren: Internet Wi-Fi music system easy, convenient

I work in radio. This year celebrates my 40th year with WFMT in Chicago, even though I create my programming in Champaign County.

When I returned here in 1986, before WFMT moved its transmitter to the Sears (now Willis) Tower in Chicago, one could sporadically hear WFMT in East Central Illinois with a good antenna and a really good FM tuner, which I tried all for naught.

Illinois Ancestors: Old maps on the Internet

Family Tree magazine's Genealogy Insider has a helpful website that provides access to four free websites having old maps at