Data-analysis firm coming to UI

CHAMPAIGN — Another publicly traded company is establishing an office in the University of Illinois Research Park.

This time, it's Neustar Inc., which hopes to make strides in data analytics with the help of local employees and student interns.

Centennial video vying in online Verizon contest

CHAMPAIGN — The students in the music survey class at Centennial High school in Champaign made a video for the Verizon Insider Future Is Now Video Contest.

The contest is meant to highlight Verizon's 4G LTE network for cell phones.

You can see Centennial's video at

Arends Bros. merging with Dwight firm

MELVIN — One of the largest John Deere dealers in East Central Illinois is getting bigger.

Arends Bros., with locations in Melvin, Urbana, Hoopeston and Ashmore, is slated to merge today (Monday, March 26) with Dwight-based Hogan Walker to form Arends Hogan Walker.

Cities readying for electricity price moves

CHAMPAIGN — Residents of Champaign could see their electric rates drop by August, and savings could come even sooner in Urbana, officials say.

Officials in both cities are preparing the details of a bulk electricity pricing program, which voters approved earlier this week.

UI researchers develop effective, less costly way to remove contaminants

CHAMPAIGN — Jim Langer and Weihua Zheng have come up with a relatively inexpensive — but effective — way to remove perchlorate from water.

Perchlorate is a rocket-fuel component that has found its way into water sources, sometimes near air force bases. Exposure to it can affect the thyroid gland.

Kankakee courts to allow cameras

KANKAKEE — News cameras will be allowed in criminal trial courts in Kankakee County in the 21st Judicial Circuit, Chief Justice Thomas L. Kilbride of the Illinois Supreme Court and Chief Judge Kathy Bradshaw Elliott of the 21st Judicial Circuit announced Friday

Prize winner's development may revolutionize image editing

URBANA — Wouldn't it be great to be able to cut and paste objects into photos and videos without it looking like a "cut-and-paste" job?

Just think, you could put a Ferrari in your garage, a Rodin sculpture in your living room, a Faberge egg on your coffee table.

But if you didn't get help from expert imaging artists, your friends wouldn't be impressed.

UI computer-science student wins $30,000 prize

URBANA — Kevin Karsch, a graduate student in computer science at the University of Illinois, has been named the winner of the $30,000 Lemelson-MIT Illinois Student Prize.

The prize — given for creation of sustainable solutions to real-world problems — will be awarded at a ceremony on campus this evening, according to a release from the UI's Technology Entrepreneur Center.

Newspapers, yearbooks going digital

URBANA — If students could sit down at a computer and pull up 90 years of history about dress codes, discipline and even school sports, they might get some interesting perspective on the history of their high school.

Don't expect cameras in area courtrooms soon

When Judge Tom Difanis opened his newspaper on Jan. 24, he was as surprised as anyone to learn that photographers would be allowed to take pictures of some proceedings and recorders could tape in his courtroom.

That had never happened in the 35 years he has been inside courtrooms, both as a prosecutor and a judge, even though the idea has been around about as many years.