UI Labs files for incorporation

CHICAGO — The University of Illinois idea factory envisioned for Chicago is one step closer to reality now that incorporation papers have been filed with the state.

Land Institute founder: 'Eco' state of mind needed

CHAMPAIGN — A leader in the sustainable agriculture movement warned University of Illinois students Thursday of the dangers of "technological fundamentalism" — thinking that society can solve all its problems through technology.

Wes Jackson, the 77-year-old founder of the Land Institute, said society needs to replace "the industrial mind" with an "ecological state of mind."

Rich Warren: Reader's email response was a cut above the norm

While this column ranges far and wide, this response to a recent column took me by surprise:

Students aim for 100 mpg

URBANA — It's quite an accomplishment to build a vehicle that can achieve 2,000 miles per gallon, but would your average driver want to drive that futuristic car down Green Street?

UI officially launches Blue Waters

URBANA — "Wouldn't it be great to be able to put the universe in a bottle and do experiments?" asked Thom Dunning as he stood before a group of mostly scientists and politicians at the University of Illinois on Thursday afternoon.

Rich Warren: Comcast representatives offer a friendly, personal response

Comcast bought me lunch. One of the largest and most powerful companies in America paid for my tuna wrap. Representatives of the company read your frequent letters printed here and my often less-than-charitable responses regarding Comcast. Two very pleasant and concerned public relations people wanted to know how they could improve our relationship.

Blue Waters' official launch set

A ceremony marking the official launch of the Blue Waters supercomputer will take place Thursday on campus.

Pavlov set to acquire Shouting Ground

CHAMPAIGN — Champaign-based Pavlov Media announced Wednesday it is acquiring Shouting Ground Technologies, a local provider of managed information-technology and network-technology solutions.

Shouting Ground will keep its name and operations and stay in Champaign, according to a Pavlov release. Shouting Ground's customers should see no change in service, the release added.

Field Museum exhibit shedding light on a living world

Glowing can get you dates, hide you from a predator or snare you prey — depending on which species you hang out with.

Rich Warren: Will latest lawsuit improve cable menu options?

An enticing new restaurant opens in town. With high hopes you sit down at the table to peruse the menu. The plank-roasted red snapper served with basmati rice catches your eye.