Electronics recycling set for Saturday

CHAMPAIGN — This year's third countywide residential electronics recycling event will be held Saturday morning at The News-Gazette distribution center in north Champaign.

Police use simulator for driving skills

CHAMPAIGN — It may have been sunny and 86 degrees outside but inside a recreational vehicle on the parking lot at the Champaign police department, officers were enduring rain, snow, ice, blown tires and all other kinds of nasty conditions Thursday.

Researchers at UI taking part in $1.3 million geology project

Underneath the flat expanse of much of Illinois is a basin that University of Illinois researchers can study by measuring tiny earthquakes from dozens of sensors.

Stephen Marshak, a UI geologist, is a leading investigator on this portion of EarthScope, a nationwide grid of sensors that will help to generate a three-dimensional picture of the ground beneath our feet.

Covenant, Carle have surgical robot system available

URBANA — Patients can now go to either Urbana hospital for the minimally-invasive urology and gynecology procedures done with a robotic surgical system some doctors prefer to use.

Provena Covenant Medical Center purchased a da Vinci surgical system earlier this month for $1.5 million, and Carle has had one since 2008.

Study: Most smartphone users don't use 'large chunks' of data

If you have a smartphone, chances are you are paying for a plan that provides you with more megabytes of data than you use, according to a consumer advocacy group.

"The stereotype is that smartphone users are devouring large chunks of data," said Patrick Deignan, spokesman with the Chicago-based Citizens Utility Board.

Technology allows better info about waiting time at medical facilities

CHAMPAIGN — You’re driving to the grocery store, and suddenly your child starts breaking out in hives! Where do you find medical care in a hurry?

If you have Internet access in your car, you can now pull over and check the locations and current wait times at all Christie Clinic and Carle convenient care centers in the area, and make your choice accordingly.

Champaign schools part of cloud-computing consortium for record backup

CHAMPAIGN — It used to take days to back up all the information stored on the Champaign school district's servers.

Email, teachers' materials, student work — all of it was backed up in pieces over three to four days, and stored off-site on tapes.

Now that same information is backed up overnight and stored remotely, saving time and money.

$121 million project aims to improve digital resources for researchers

URBANA — A new $121 million project led by the University of Illinois will help researchers collaborate in a secure environment, while focusing on their work rather than the technology behind it.

FarmVille co-creator ahead of schedule

CHAMPAIGN — Sizhao Yang, one of the creators of the online game FarmVille, always figured he would form his own company some day.

But at age 28, the University of Illinois graduate has already sold one company for "millions of dollars," formed another that employs 30 and is acting as investor or adviser to 18 others.