#TheMJs, Nov. 18, 2016

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Rich Warren: Positively charged up about batteries

In this column mainly dealing with high tech, behold a cordless hand vacuum cleaner.

Amazon pickup location opens Wednesday in Illini Union

URBANA — Amazon's new facility on the University of Illinois campus opens Wednesday.

Amazon@Illinois, a fully staffed pickup location, will officially be in business in the Illini Union Bookstore, 809 S. Wright St., U.

Following an opening ceremony at 11 a.m., guests will get a chance to tour the new location.

Rich Warren: Apple steers clear of medical devices

A reader mailed a question that's a bit different than most of our queries: "I read over a year ago that Apple was going to make available last December an iWatch that, among other things, would use infrared or radio waves to determine the glucose level in your blood. Months later, the rumor mill says that Apple was developing a band to do the same thing.

Data with destiny: Summit speakers discuss civic tech's growth

CHAMPAIGN — At the fourth annual Big Data Summit, several speakers shared why they believe technology and open data can be used for everything from helping end world hunger to informing citizens about sewage in the Chicago River.

Wired In: Federico Zuckermann

On Sundays, staff writer Paul Wood spotlights a high-tech difference maker. This week, FEDERICO ZUCKERMANN, a professor at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine who has created a vaccine that could help solve a $650 million problem in the pork industry.

Playing Critic: Has Nintendo made worthwhile Switch?

A few days ago, a frien

Who needs a Lyft?

CHAMPAIGN — The popular ride-sharing service Lyft is officially up and running in Champaign-Urbana, about a year-and-a-half after rival Uber arrived.

With Thursday's launch, Lyft is now in four cities across Illinois, including Chicago, Evanston and Naperville, as the service expands across the U.S.

Rich Warren: Strike up the brand: Is it really worth it?

Brand names once represented the gold standard. When you bought an RCA, Zenith or Sony TV you owned the best. So much so that Korea's LG bought Zenith hoping to ride its reputation in the U.S. But by the time it owned Zenith, the company's declining popularity turned into an albatross, and LG mostly discarded the brand. A similar fate awaited RCA as it went through a variety of owners.

UI part of 'Midwest I-Corps Node' launching in January

A faculty-student research team at the University of Illinois creates a startup company called Rithmio to improve missile guidance and satellite control systems.

But through a federal program that helps businesses bring research to market, engineering Professor Prashant Mehta and postdoctoral student Adam Tilton discover they'll have limited customers for that application.