Firm gets FDA approval for system to aid implant radiation therapy

SAVOY — Over the last 25 years, Everette "Clif" Burdette has shepherded several medical devices to market, many of them focused on treating cancer.

His current company, Acoustic MedSystems of Savoy, recently got 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the RadVision system.

Carle expands online medical records system

URBANA — Carle Foundation Hospital and Physician Group have added two new features to their electronic medical records system and hope to boost the number of patients using it.

Rich Warren: Pick cellphone providers — and they'll pick your pocket

Felt a hand in your pocket recently? It's probably your cellphone provider. While putting up all those towers to provide service requires deep pockets, cellphone providers prefer to pick your pockets to keep lining the pockets of their shareholders and chief executives.

Back then, the drink of choice was black

Long before Pepsi and Coke, even long before coffee, there was once a source of enough caffeine to make you jittery, or even to make you throw up, in the biggest city in North America.

Cahokia Mounds worth the visit — even if it's virtual

COLLINSVILLE — You should see the real thing in person, but new digital projects can help you explore Cahokia Mounds in the digital world.

There were tens of thousands of American Indians in a lost civilization on both sides of the Mississippi, centering on Collinsville, which is 165 miles southwest of Champaign.

Frasca: 'Distractions' bite, but company's here forever

URBANA — Frasca International's president said the company is committed to Urbana, but sometimes he wishes it didn't have to deal with "distractions" that state and city governments can erect.

Illinois Ancestors: Genealogy at a Glance series expands

Genealogical Publishing Company's Genealogy at a Glance series now includes Nancy Hendrickson's "Civil War Genealogy Research" and is especially appropriate as America commemorates that war's sesquicentennial.

UI solar home to return to campus from Chicago

URBANA — A solar-powered house built by University of Illinois students in 2007 will return to campus Wednesday to anchor what could someday be a mini-neighborhood of environmentally friendly homes.

Xbox One reversals sound good, but are they?

Oh Microsoft, what are we to do with you? Since debuting the Xbox One to a collective "meh" at E3, you've reversed yourself on almost every design decision you'd made.

Your draconian-sounding policies regarding used games? Gone.

Rich Warren: Plenty of options to get music on CDs

While the currently hip forsake CDs for vinyl LPs, a lot of folks still appreciate the convenience of CDs and their relative resistance to damage. With a CD, the 100th or even 1,000th play usually sounds the same as the first. Even the most passionate vinyl lovers can't make that claim.