Map riddle + four colors + UI math department = celebration

URBANA — Here's the task: Color a map of the United States so that no two adjacent states have the same color.

What's the least amount of colors you would need?

The answer to that question took mathematicians over a century to prove, with the assistance of a computer at the University of Illinois.

'Big data' analysis institute among UI's 'grand challenges'

URBANA — A new Data Science and Analytics Institute designed to cement the University of Illinois' leadership on the "big data" front is one of several "grand challenges" being explored by the campus, Chancellor Robert Jones said Thursday.

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Top of the Morning, Nov. 2, 2017


Our colorful 84-page IlliniHQ Basketball Yearbook hits newsstands. The sixth in our award-winning series of UI yearbooks, this one has Brad Underwood on the cover and nearly 200 photographs inside. It costs $5 and is available at Walgreen's, Circle K and our lobby at 15 Main St.

Call 217-351-5231 or email if you need help finding an issue.

Illinois Ancestors: Is there a witch in your family?

Now that Halloween has passed, with its usual assortment of ghosts and witches, it seems appropriate to take time to think about the tragic times when individuals were accused of being witches and suffered severe punishments, including death.

Top of the Morning, Oct. 30, 2017

If you follow us on social media, you might have noticed a slight change in our appearance — especially if you've liked more than one of our pages.

Cellphones get a ringing endorsement in classrooms

When Danville High School health teacher Tyler Arnholt gives a lecture, he'll occasionally see a student with his head bent down and one or both hands hidden in his lap, a pocket or a strategically-placed backpack.

To Arnholt, that body language is a tell-tale sign the student is texting, tweeting or messaging on Snapchat.

Wired In: Pinshane Huang

Each week, staff writer Paul Wood chats with a high-tech difference-maker. This week, meet PINSHANE HUANG, an assistant professor in materials science and engineering who's headquartered at the Materials Research Laboratory at the University of Illinois. She uses multimillion-dollar tools to understand particles and devices at the atomic scale.

Rich Warren: Important parts of your phone

Study ads for cell phones until your eyes tear and you won't find claims, details or specifications concerning their single most important aspect: their radio.

Top of the Morning, Oct. 28, 2017

SARAH SIGMON's ambitious project — to take a selfie with Alma Mater every school day of her University of Illinois career — is approaching the 50-day mark.

"It's become a habit at this point," the freshman from Fairmount said. "The day would be strange if I didn't do it."