Rich Warren: Storing music: That same old song and dance

Many years ago I forgot a favorite cassette in an airplane seatback pocket. It never made its way to the airline's lost and found, so those songs were gone forever.

Similarly, if your house burns down or is destroyed by a tornado, you could lose your entire music collection.

$1.5 million grant to NCSA to put big data on big screen

Big data and supercomputing conjure up images of laboratories filled with servers and computers.

Truth is, supercomputing is part of everyday life, providing numerical models for the car you drive, the energy that powers your house, the weather forecasts you rely on and the financial systems that control the economy.

Rich Warren: I need an app to help pare down my apps

Icons for dozens of apps adorn my iPad and Android smartphone screens. Most cost little or nothing. What surprises me is how few apps I use. It reminds me of going to the Sunday morning brunch at Silver Creek with all that delicious food laid out on the buffet. I want to sample all of it but rarely taste even half of it.

Illinois Ancestors: Veterans to be remembered

Veterans Day is a day to remember ALL veterans who fought in America's wars. Originally called Armistice Day, Nov. 11 commemorates the day that the armistice was signed by the Allies and Germany at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918 marking the end of World War I.

UI trustees want more information on potential med school at Urbana

URBANA — Two competing proposals to bridge engineering and medicine at the University of Illinois were reviewed by a committee of UI trustees Tuesday, and one thing was clear: they want more information.

Disney shares anti-bullying song from Mahomet brothers

MAHOMET — Mahomet brothers Kyle and Kade Kinnamon found instant musical stardom last week — but it took a while to sink in.

Who lives here? Nov. 1, 2014

Each week, The News-Gazette will show a screen shot of a home from a movie or TV show and ask readers, "Who lives here?"

Paper + glue = shoes

URBANA — At 6-foot-4, University of Illinois sophomore Charlie Prescott felt a bit thrown off as he modeled a pair of high heels Wednesday.

"I definitely have sympathy for girls who wear high heels," the industrial design major from Oak Park said.

Rich Warren: Cable providers could soon move to a la carte model

Technology and entertainment package more "gotchas" than the average automobile dealership. Apparent bargains turn into illusions. Or sometimes, try as you might, you just can't find a deal.