Rich Warren: Presenting some gift advice

'Tis better to give than to receive. Yet, what if what you give already was received, or perhaps not ideal for the recipient? Most storefront retailers and some online sellers are tightening the screws on returns, even for gifts. When purchasing an electronic gift or something for yourself, be very sure to document a merchant's return policies.

Amazon's new robot army is ready to ship

BRANDON BAILEY, AP Technology Writer

Rantoul class uses drones to learn technology

RANTOUL — One quick flick of the finger, and the four propellers on the drone start spinning. Soon, the $400 machine is lifted off the grass of the football field at Rantoul Township High School.

All eyes turn skyward as Steven Lowe and students from his Drafting 2 class take the drone for its first spin — high and far across the west end of campus.

Rantoul officers wearing body cameras

RANTOUL — After nearly three years of planning, 23 Rantoul police officers are now using body cameras.

The police department received a large, anonymous donation in 2011, and the donor specified the money must be earmarked for the research and purchase of body cams.

Rich Warren: Don't get left out in cold finding a great deal

Perhaps you're reading this standing in line waiting for the doors to open for so-called Black Friday, even if you gave up Thanksgiving dinner as have many of the employees who must work to serve you. How many bargains await you? Pathetically few. Black Friday represents the ultimate in bait-and-switch in consumer electronics.

Artist draws more international acclaim, this time for 'Computers Watching Movies'

URBANA — As an artist working with technology, specifically software, Ben Grosser has created pieces that have drawn international attention.

Racist tweet puts school on high alert

FITHIAN — Oakwood school officials beefed up security at the high school on Tuesday in response to online threats that were made to a student who posted a series of racist remarks on Twitter.

The student tweeted "I don't feel sorry for black people. If you hate us so much GO BACH TO AFRICA. We should have never bought you," from her phone at 10:16 p.m. Monday.

Rich Warren: Sounding off on a legend in the audio business

Changing tastes, priorities and technology shrank audio components to a minuscule part of the consumer electronics business. Back in the 1980s audio and video components constituted the main part of consumer electronics. Within the audio world a battle raged between objective and subjective reviews of equipment.

A capital opportunity

URBANA — The White House is pretty impressed with the Urbana school district's use of technology in the classroom.

So much so that it invited Superintendent Don Owen to Washington, D.C., today to take part in a national education summit, put on by the U.S. Department of Education.

Quick Read: Beyond Volition

The U.S. video game industry grew much faster than the overall U.S. economy between 2009 and 2012, according to a report released this week by the Entertainment Software Association.

The video game industry grew by an annual rate of 9.7 percent, while the overall economy increased by only 2.4 percent a year.