Illinois Ancestors: Advertised runaways often included whites

Many thousands of white Europeans did not come to the American colonies as free men and women, but as indentured servants, political exiles and transported convicts. Many who could not pay for passage to America agreed to be a servant for a few years in exchange for the trip. 

Rich Warren: Get ready, cable apps are all the rage

2015 promises scores of smartphone apps you'll download and probably never use.

Dozens of features you'll lust after and probably never use. Smartphones and tablets in sizes for every hand, pocket and eye prescription will flood the landscape. The universal, excluding those who only want to make phone calls or text, will be the entertainment available on these devices.

UI videos take aim at sexual assault on campus

CHAMPAIGN — It's on us.

The slogan you may have heard on television commercials urging viewers to speak out against sexual assault is gaining traction at the University of Illinois, with Illini athletes and campus leaders joining the cause.

Updated: Solar farm construction to start in spring at UI

CHAMPAIGN — This time next year, students at the University of Illinois could be studying under lights powered by energy from the sun — at least in part.

A long-awaited "solar farm" considered a key step in the UI's transition to renewable energy is moving into the design phase, with construction expected to start in the spring.

'Open source' textbooks provide many benefits

When Professor Jonathan Tomkin went looking for a textbook to use in his introductory Earth Systems class, nothing was quite right.

He couldn't find a book that he felt was worth the high price tag for students. So he put one together with a few colleagues — for free.

Turning the page

The college textbook routine used to be simple: Register for classes, head to the campus bookstore and lug home a 50-pound stack of texts.

These days, student shoppers are more savvy, and the "textbook" they buy — possibly online — might be a piece of software or a passcode for a website with videos, interactive quizzes and chat groups.

Ag chief: Use federal programs for rural Internet access

CHAMPAIGN — U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack urged rural communities in East Central Illinois to take advantage of federal programs to help make high-speed Internet access available in their areas.

In an interview Thursday with The News-Gazette, Vilsack expanded on President Barack Obama's call Wednesday to make fast, affordable broadband available to more parts of the country.

Rich Warren: The Walkman is back! Warning, it costs $1,200

The thrills and chills rocked Las Vegas last week with the International Consumer Electronics show. CES hosted over 3,600 exhibitors viewed by an estimated 160,000 attendees, making it the largest CES in history. For perspective, I attended the first CES in Las Vegas. Previously, Chicago hosted both winter and summer shows.

Illinois Ancestors: Holocaust museum has searchable database online

The United State Holocaust Memorial Museum, located in Washington, D.C., "serves as the US memorial to the millions of people murdered during the Holocaust." Its collections include documents, photos, artifacts, oral histories, film, and "other materials that could assist

Tech upgrade will take MTD services offline for several hours

URBANA — A technology upgrade at the Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District means passengers won't have access later this week for several hours to real-time bus departure information.