Back then, the drink of choice was black

Long before Pepsi and Coke, even long before coffee, there was once a source of enough caffeine to make you jittery, or even to make you throw up, in the biggest city in North America.

Illinois Ancestors: Genealogy at a Glance series expands

Genealogical Publishing Company's Genealogy at a Glance series now includes Nancy Hendrickson's "Civil War Genealogy Research" and is especially appropriate as America commemorates that war's sesquicentennial.

UI solar home to return to campus from Chicago

URBANA — A solar-powered house built by University of Illinois students in 2007 will return to campus Wednesday to anchor what could someday be a mini-neighborhood of environmentally friendly homes.

Xbox One reversals sound good, but are they?

Oh Microsoft, what are we to do with you? Since debuting the Xbox One to a collective "meh" at E3, you've reversed yourself on almost every design decision you'd made.

Your draconian-sounding policies regarding used games? Gone.

Rich Warren: Plenty of options to get music on CDs

While the currently hip forsake CDs for vinyl LPs, a lot of folks still appreciate the convenience of CDs and their relative resistance to damage. With a CD, the 100th or even 1,000th play usually sounds the same as the first. Even the most passionate vinyl lovers can't make that claim.

Judges agree to cameras in courtrooms

URBANA — Eighteen months after the Illinois Supreme Court approved a pilot project to allow cameras and audio recorders in Illinois courtrooms, judges in the Sixth Circuit have agreed to take part.

Illinois Ancestors: Canadian info in 1842 census now on website

The Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec had previously been called Upper Canada (renamed Canada West) and Lower Canada (which became Canada East).

Holonyak, who 'replaced Edison's lamp,' retires from UI

URBANA — LED inventor and engineering icon Nick Holonyak Jr. has retired from the University of Illinois; however, colleagues said they expect him to continue his research.

DACC gets real deal for wind turbine program

DANVILLE — Starting this year, students in Danville Area Community College's wind-energy-technician program will have a state-of-the-art learning tool that will take them inside the "guts" of a wind turbine.

It's not a nacelle simulator; It's the real deal.

Nonprofit to oversee UC2B

Officials approve agreement after details tweaked

CHAMPAIGN — An effort to distance the Urbana-Champaign Big Broadband network from government control has made it past both city councils this week after Champaign officials finalized their approval Tuesday night.