Illinois Ancestors: E-magazine features Illinois research

The most recent issue (Sept/Oct) of the free e-magazine, "Irish Lives Remembered Genealogy Magazine" at

Rich Warren: Trying to stay in a groove on vinyl

Vinyl refuses to die. For all the blather about better fidelity and a larger canvas for cover graphics, an analog grooved medium touches something deep in the soul.

Caterpillar to open lab at UI Research Park

CHAMPAIGN — Caterpillar plans to open a data analytics laboratory in the University of Illinois Research Park later this year to complement the simulation center it already operates there.

Illinois Ancestors: More Civil War battlegrounds saved

Jim Lighthizer, president of the Civil War Trust, has reported that 2014 "has been a remarkable year for saving America's hallowed ground. ... One of our best years ever." So far the battlefield projects that have been saved:

— Cold Harbor (6 acres)

— Stones River (0.12 acre)

— South Mountain (43 acres)

— Glendale (3 tracts, 57 acres)

Online survey invites opinions on qualities for next Danville schools chief

DANVILLE — Rene Quintana believes the next leader of Danville school district should be an effective communicator and a good listener.

"They need to be willing to listen if someone has a concern," said Quintana, the mother of a South View Middle School student.

Rich Warren: Nexus smartphone not necessarily out of this world

Even the primitive typewriter required an operating system. I suffered through the summer preceding my freshman year of high school learning Gregg's touch typing on a manual QWERTY keyboard. It served me well and still facilitates my career as a writer. Thankfully, only one touch typing system existed.

Iroquois moves toward recording meetings

WATSEKA — In an effort to increase government transparency, the Iroquois County Board is moving forward with buying audio and video equipment that would be used to record its meetings for public viewing.

Illinois Ancestors: Quaker genealogical research presents challenges

Anyone whose male ancestors do not appear in military records may come to find out that those individuals belonged to the religious sect called Quakers. George Fox, its founder, declared in 1660, "We utterly deny all outward wars and strife and fighting with outward weapons for any end or under any pretence whatever."

Researchers hope to give condiments a health boost

URBANA — Spices and condiments may be capable of doing more than beefing up the flavor of foods.

Researchers are working on fortifying some of these commonly used products, such as soy sauce and curry powder, to help make up vitamin and mineral deficiencies in developing countries around the world.

Cunningham journals donated to county historical archives

URBANA — The recently discovered journals of early Champaign County pioneer and historian Joseph Oscar Cunningham have been donated to the Champaign County Historical Archives at the Urbana Free Library.