Ask 'Mimi,' Sept. 13, 2015

What will Dave Tcheng do after he moves to California later this month?

The multi-instrumentalist will be a senior audio-signal analyst for GoPro, the company that makes the small cameras often used by sports enthusiasts who clip them to their helmets or whatever.

Champaign police seek OK for Tasers

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University of Illinois police have 31 of them. Urbana has six. And the patrol division of the Champaign County Sheriff's Office has 54 — one for each deputy.

Rich Warren: A few tips for improving Internet radio stream

Internet radios vary in "reception" quality as much as conventional broadcast radios.

Beyond fidelity differences, Internet radios differ between brands in the way they work with your WiFi signal, process and buffer the streaming data bits, and how they "tune" the Internet stream.

For the best streaming, choose the best WiFi router you can afford.

School board launches blog

CHAMPAIGN — The Champaign school board just went digital.

Following through on some members' campaign promises to increase transparency with the community, the Unit 4 school board launched its first blog on Tuesday afternoon.

Beckman gifts honor institute's first director

URBANA — A $5 million gift to the University of Illinois will honor the founding director of the Beckman Institute and its donors, endowing postdoctoral fellowships and a lecture series in their names.

Joan Griffis: Prairie Pages for Illinois students of all ages

The Illinois Historic Preservation Agency (IHPA) first began publishing Prairie Pages in 1985 as curriculum materials for teachers of elementary-age students and "other interested persons." Twenty-four issues (in PDF format), at, can be enjoyed by all. They are:

Studio Visit: Jack Brighton

Studio Visit is a Q&A with a local artist. Here, a chat with Jack Brighton, 57, of Champaign. Starting Sept. 21, Brighton will become the manager of training, support and documentation for the Institute for Nonprofit News, formerly the Investigative News Network. He's currently director of new media and innovation for Illinois Public Media.

Lawsuit's effect: Fans left with only generic jersey numbers

Even if Geronimo Allison pulls in 100 catches for 2,000 yards, don't expect to see the stands filled with No. 8 jerseys this season.

Rich Warren: Taking a byte out of your data usage

Count your blessings, or gigabytes as the case may be.

In many areas of the country, Internet service providers cap the amount of data you can download and upload.Exceed that limit and you receive quite a surcharge on your bill.

The cellphone companies regularly do this to subscribers. Or they throttle your speed down to a crawl.

Just 1 Question: Favorite education app?

Arcola: home to the state's fourth-winningest high school football program (682 and counting) and a free-iPads-for-everyone technology setup (700-plus in all) that's the envy of districts across Illinois. We asked seven Arcola students and one teacher: What's your favorite education app?