Rich Warren: Plasma TVs are fading; time to consider LCDs

Today we conjure the video spirits to answer a reader question concerning plasma versus LCD TVs. Once upon time, you could see ghosts on plasma sets caused by burn-in.

Arrangement made to repay UI for UC2B costs

CHAMPAIGN — The University of Illinois will want to be paid back by the Urbana-Champaign Big Broadband nonprofit when officials know how much the school had to cover in expenses for work left undone after a federal grant expired.

Illinois Ancestors: Genealogists interested in cemeteries — and witches — year-round

Thoughts of Halloween often conjure up visions of cemeteries, witches and ghosts. Genealogists welcome evidences of these entities; they are often the sources of clues to family information.

Alum speaks to UI students from space station

URBANA — Training on simulators is one thing. Orbiting the earth on a 925,000-pound space laboratory the size of a football field is something else altogether.

Two and a half years of training did not fully prepare astronaut Mike Hopkins for the thrill of his life aboard the International Space Station.

No digital billboards in Urbana

URBANA — Digital billboards seem not to be in the cards for Urbana — at least not the immediate future — after the city council could not get enough votes this week to initiate the process to introduce the electronic signs to city streets.

Tips offered to navigating health insurance website

CHAMPAIGN — Try using a different web browser.

Or consider logging on in the middle of the night.

Either of these tips might just get you past the roadblocks on the federal website on which millions of people are trying to enroll in health insurance, say counselors and navigators helping the uninsured.

Don Follis: There is no stopping digital devices from going to church

A few months back I sat around a table with three 20-something young men. With iPhones in hand, we four looked up and discussed several Bible verses. These digital natives and I found our Bible references using the digital app called YouVersion (a popular free Bible phone app). None of us carried a Bible in traditional book form.

Rich Warren: When it comes to memory, you pay for what you get

Bob Hope died long before his theme song "Thanks for the Memory" would become spectacularly appropriate for modern technology.

Without the humble memory chip, few products would function.

Illinois Ancestors: FamilySearch Wiki reaches big milestone

The FamilySearch Research Wiki is a free online guide that explains how to find ancestors in various times and places, and recently made its 75,000th article available. Wiki is a Hawaiian word meaning "fast" or "quick," and the FamilySearch Wiki articles definitely meet that criterion.

Solar farm at UI delayed

CHAMPAIGN — A solar farm considered a key part of the University of Illinois' transition to renewable energy has been delayed because of state questions about the project.