Three cameras to be installed at Bement park

BEMENT — The board approved the purchase of security cameras that will be focusing on Veterans Memorial Park.

Website now details restaurant inspections

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Rich Warren: Trying to find the silver lining in 'the cloud'

Back in the 1960s Joni Mitchell wrote: "I've looked at clouds from both sides now, from up and down and still somehow it's cloud illusions I recall, I really don't know clouds at all."

Judy Collins hit it big with that song and it should enjoy a resurgence of popularity today about an entirely different kind of cloud.

Slowdown leads to job cuts at Frasca International

URBANA — Frasca International has trimmed about 14 positions in the last month, largely as a result of a slowdown in orders, company President John Frasca said.

The Urbana-based company, which still employs more than 180, makes flight simulators used to teach pilots how to fly single-engine aircraft, commercial aircraft, passenger airplanes, military training aircraft and helicopters.

Illinois Ancestors: E-magazine features Illinois research

The most recent issue (Sept/Oct) of the free e-magazine, "Irish Lives Remembered Genealogy Magazine" at

Rich Warren: Trying to stay in a groove on vinyl

Vinyl refuses to die. For all the blather about better fidelity and a larger canvas for cover graphics, an analog grooved medium touches something deep in the soul.

Caterpillar to open lab at UI Research Park

CHAMPAIGN — Caterpillar plans to open a data analytics laboratory in the University of Illinois Research Park later this year to complement the simulation center it already operates there.

Illinois Ancestors: More Civil War battlegrounds saved

Jim Lighthizer, president of the Civil War Trust, has reported that 2014 "has been a remarkable year for saving America's hallowed ground. ... One of our best years ever." So far the battlefield projects that have been saved:

— Cold Harbor (6 acres)

— Stones River (0.12 acre)

— South Mountain (43 acres)

— Glendale (3 tracts, 57 acres)

Online survey invites opinions on qualities for next Danville schools chief

DANVILLE — Rene Quintana believes the next leader of Danville school district should be an effective communicator and a good listener.

"They need to be willing to listen if someone has a concern," said Quintana, the mother of a South View Middle School student.

Rich Warren: Nexus smartphone not necessarily out of this world

Even the primitive typewriter required an operating system. I suffered through the summer preceding my freshman year of high school learning Gregg's touch typing on a manual QWERTY keyboard. It served me well and still facilitates my career as a writer. Thankfully, only one touch typing system existed.