UI grad student's video system merges virtual, reality

URBANA — It's "snowing" in your living room, and the flakes have started to settle on your coffee table.

And there goes a "grenade" rolling under the couch.

In IllumiRoom, a new technology developed at Microsoft Research by a four-person team that included a University of Illinois graduate student, the virtual and real world merge.

Business roundup: Dish Network adds WICD-TV

CHAMPAIGN — DISH Network has begun carrying Champaign-based WICD-TV on its lineup for East Central Illinois following extensive negotiations with the station's owner, Sinclair Broadcast Group.

Rich Warren: The next little — or big — thing in broadcasting

When you open your cable or satellite bill, you'll see new surcharges for viewing our local TV stations. Cable companies must pay increasingly larger fees to carry local programming. Strangely, you pay no charge by simply plugging an antenna into your TV. Other than enduring commercials (which you must suffer through on cable as well), the signal arrives absolutely free.

iPad Dance

Members of the University of Illinois Dance Technology class perform an iPad Dance inside the entrance of Ikenberry Commons, in Champaign on Monday April 29, 2013. The interactive dance featured performers moving around the lobby carrying iPads and dancing to music synthesized music and sometimes forming up as a group and chafing down an unsuspecting passer-by to the music of JAWS!

Farmer City school gets new e-book program

FARMER CITY — A new tool in technology is giving students at Schneider Elementary School another way to enjoy reading.

Schneider Elementary recently bought BookFlix, a computer program that includes over 100 pairs of e-books for students to read at school or at home on any electronic device that has Internet access.

May expo to draw young scientists

CHAMPAIGN — The Illinois Junior Academy of Science will hold its annual state exposition on May 3 and 4 at the University of Illinois Assembly Hall in Champaign.

Project displays will be open to the public from noon to 3 p.m. next Saturday. Admission is free.

Workshop to offer help linking small businesses, social media

DANVILLE — Social media is rapidly becoming an integral part of the small-business marketing plan.

Ebertfest? There's an app for that

CHAMPAIGN — Just in time for the 15th anniversary of Roger Ebert's Film Festival: The New Ebertfest 1999-2013 Anniversary App for the iPad.

Patenting genes: Justices tackle big health issue


Rich Warren: Ultra-high definition offers a richer experience

Generous Geoff Poor of Glen Poor's Audio-Video offers free admission to his theater in the Old Farm Shops at Kirby and Mattis avenues in Champaign.

This probably outrages the owners of the local cinemas. Poor currently showcases the new 84-inch LG Electronics model 84LM9600 4K television, also known as ultra-high definition.