Ad technology firm opens Research Park office

CHAMPAIGN — A Silicon Valley advertising technology company has opened a space in the University of Illinois Research Park.

Turn, which has about 470 employees in offices around the globe, has leased space in the Atkins Building on South First Street, the building formerly home to Motorola before that company closed its offices in the park.

Rich Warren: Things too good to be true sometimes are great

Sometimes a product seems too good to be true, yet it is true.

Last November, after discovering that LG's small TVs lacked audio outputs, I chose the 22-inch Vizio E221-A1 that cost about $135, approximately $40 less than the 22-inch LG (and $60 less than the comparable Samsung, which also lacked an audio output).

Presence offers electronic access to records

Both Presence hospitals in Urbana and Danville have begun offering patients access to their own electronic medical records around the clock.

It's Your Business: Villa Italian Kitchen coming to town

Villa Italian Kitchen is coming to Market Place Shopping Center in May, opening in the space formerly occupied by Sbarro.

The Champaign store will be one of 40 Villa Italian Kitchens to open soon in regional malls as the result of a recent deal with General Growth Properties, which owns about 120 malls including Market Place.

Pacemaker pioneer honored

Research will result in self-powering devices

URBANA — A Turkish native whose grandfather passed away at a young age because of heart failure and who has become a pioneer in technology that will lead to self-powering pacemakers received the $20,000 Illinois Innovation Prize on Friday.

Rich Warren: An Apple alternative? OK, I'll bite

Today we compare Apples and oranges, or SanDisks, as the case may be.

Apple owns the portable headphone music player market, the market pioneered by Sony more than 30 years ago. That market now occupies a tiny niche, because most people use their smartphones or tablets to enjoy music on the go. Many no longer even store the music on their personal device but stream it from the cloud.

Illinois Ancestors: Slavery issues and online resources

Researchers who are interested in African American information and records that pertain to slavery can find many helpful sites on the Internet. A good place to start is the article in the National Archives and Records Administration's (NARA) publication, Prologue, "Living With The Hydra The Documentation of Slavery and the Slave Trade in Federal Records" (Winter 2000, Vol. 32, No.

Device helps athletes monitor practice

CHAMPAIGN — Adam Tilton has developed a gesture-recognition device to help athletes monitor what they've done in practice.

Using it, weight lifters can check on how many curls or hammer curls they've done during workouts. Sprinters can find out how many strides they took, and swimmers can keep track of how many strokes they used while doing laps.

DS Volition seeking city incentives to remodel, expand

CHAMPAIGN — Video game developer DS Volition is seeking about $200,000 in incentives from the city of Champaign so the company can remodel its downtown offices and expand by as many as 100 employees.

Without the incentives, the company said it may have to consider other locations outside downtown Champaign because the remodeling would be cost-prohibitive.

Rich Warren: Cable options on the rise - and so is the cost

Can you believe a technology columnist who wrote a high school term paper explaining why pay TV would never succeed? Of course, back then pay TV consisted of an experiment by Zenith to broadcast one channel of pay TV in Chicago.