Rich Warren: Beware of a no-fair repair policy

Buy a bicycle and you own it.

When it breaks you can take it to any bike shop for repairs or fix it yourself. Dozens of online sites offer parts.

Illinois Ancestors: Probate files invaluable to researchers

The announcement that has added a massive collection of U.S. probate files to its database is welcome news to genealogists. Probate records document the legal process by which a will is proven valid or an estate is settled without a will and provide data often not found elsewhere.

Law firm recruiting farm clients to sue Syngenta

By CLAIRE EVERETT/Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting

CHAMPAIGN — Nearly a year after China reopened its doors to imported U.S. corn, one former U.S. representative is recruiting Illinois farmers into a mass-action lawsuit as plaintiffs.

It's time to Pyg out

CHAMPAIGN — If you haven't kept up with the indie music scene, you might not be familiar with many of the acts playing the 11th annual Pygmalion Festival this coming weekend.

Rich Warren: Television technology wars are back

Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) translates as international radio show, because it dates back to 1924 when radios were the main consumer electronics product. The Berlin-based show always ranked as an important exhibition, but when the Berlin Wall came down it blossomed into the largest and possibly most important electronics show on the planet.

Joan Griffis/Illinois Ancestors: Trump's grandfather made and left fortune recently "invested two years and $10 million to digitize 170 million probate documents dating from 1668 to 2005." Included in this database is information on Donald Trump's immigrant grandfather, Fred Trump, who left an estate worth $500,000 in today's dollars when he died in 1918 in Queens, New York.

Ask 'Mimi,' Sept. 13, 2015

What will Dave Tcheng do after he moves to California later this month?

The multi-instrumentalist will be a senior audio-signal analyst for GoPro, the company that makes the small cameras often used by sports enthusiasts who clip them to their helmets or whatever.

Champaign police seek OK for Tasers

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University of Illinois police have 31 of them. Urbana has six. And the patrol division of the Champaign County Sheriff's Office has 54 — one for each deputy.

Rich Warren: A few tips for improving Internet radio stream

Internet radios vary in "reception" quality as much as conventional broadcast radios.

Beyond fidelity differences, Internet radios differ between brands in the way they work with your WiFi signal, process and buffer the streaming data bits, and how they "tune" the Internet stream.

For the best streaming, choose the best WiFi router you can afford.

Beckman gifts honor institute's first director

URBANA — A $5 million gift to the University of Illinois will honor the founding director of the Beckman Institute and its donors, endowing postdoctoral fellowships and a lecture series in their names.