Rich Warren: Some questions and answers

Questions. We have questions:

"We have a lot of VHS tapes (like the Johnny Carson's The Tonight Show). Is there any way to copy these tapes onto a DVD? They don't make a VCR any more that plays them. I have one now but when it goes south we can't watch them any more."

'Ellen' segment at UI now on YouTube

The segment of "The Ellen Show" shot on Monday at the University of Illinois is now online.

Ellen DeGeneres talks with Jeannie Klisiewicz, a University of Illinois graduate who works for her as a roving reporter, as thousands gathered at the UI campus.

"That's a lot of people," DeGeneres says as a camera pans the crowd.

Ellen-mania on UI Quad

Ellen-mania officially struck the University of Illinois Monday afternoon.

Comedian Ellen DeGeneres herself was nowhere in sight, but that didn't matter to the screaming thousands who jammed the UI Quad for a chance to be on her show — or win a prize.

Woman wins 'American Pickers' contest

PAXTON — When Robin McNish goes “picking” with “American Pickers” star Frank Fritz later this year, she would like to hit up the back roads of East Central Illinois and perhaps sift through Ray Leisure’s massive antiques collection in Gibson City.
Fritz and co-star Mike Wolfe already know about this area — Leisure was featured on their popular History Channel show l

WILL hosts vote on British comedies

URBANA — WILL-TV will host the Great BritCom Vote XV on Saturday to determine which program will win a spot in WILL's BritCom Saturday night lineup.

Viewers can sample five British comedies and then call in a vote for one of them. Two new shows vie with three former candidates.

Rich Warren: A sad day: Sony getting out of TV business

Long before the Walkman, long before the compact disc, even before Betamax, Sony established its reputation with the Trinitron TV.

Top of the Morning, Feb. 14, 2014

The Olympic ban continues. But even though you can't write about a topic, you can still watch. And we have been, hour after hour. Enough to see Bob Costas in his Harry Potter glasses before he wisely took a break. Enough to realize the Dutch like the color orange. Enough to know the U.S. isn't as dominant in men's snowboarding, dude.

Rich Warren: Offer too good to be true? Read the fine print

Many times readers send email questioning services from their cable, satellite or telephone provider. The provider bills extra for programming the readers thought was included in their packages or for multiple installations around the house that seemed to be included when they signed up.

UI alum vying for Superbowl airtime

A man with ties to Champaign-Urbana is hoping that this weekend's Superbowl will be his big break in getting nationwide acting exposure.

Rich Warren: 'Smart' appliances coming ... as if we need them

Las Vegas regressed to normal. Visitors once again reverted to losing money on the slot machines rather than betting on the latest hot technology. The overall take on this year's International Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month was that it focused on an interconnected world of things.