Prof: Americans have a love of many things British

Cele Otnes believes most fans' adoration of "Downton Abbey" stems from our general love of many things British, or Anglophilia.

And she traces that back to before the Industrial Revolution, when many Brits colonized the New World, and to the fact the United States doesn't have such a rigid and genetically laden class system as does England.

Leaving a grand void

This evening, millions of Americans will say goodbye to Lady Mary, Lady Edith and their mother, Cora, Countess of Grantham, as well as other beloved characters like Mrs. Hughes, Mr. Carson and Thomas Barrow.

Many fans likely will gather in their homes to watch the "Downton Abbey" series finale on PBS.

Who lives here? March 5, 2016

Each week, The News-Gazette will show a screen shot of a home from a movie or TV show and ask readers, 'Who lives here?'

Ask 'Mimi,' Feb. 28, 2016

Have you heard that Dick Van Dyke is "feeling the Bern"?

Yes. The Danville native and all-round entertainer has been making the rounds of talk shows and other events, promoting his book "Keep Moving: And Other Tips and Truths About Aging," and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. I didn't know Van Dyke was a political animal!

Look back: HIghlights from Melissa Merli from the week that was

Braving the storm for jazz

Rich Warren: Be careful what you repair, the fix could be in

Most farmers spend winters repairing and refurbishing their machinery. My former neighbor Jimmy used to strip down his combine and tractor, replacing worn parts while cleaning and lubricating the rest. He boasted of using his machinery for over 20 years. That's not as simple as it once was, since most new farm machinery, especially combines and planters, now include sophisticated electronics.

Officials targeting June for Dick Van Dyke's return to Danville

DANVILLE — Dick Van Dyke’s long-awaited return to his hometown could be just a few months away.

Who lives here? Feb. 20, 2016

Each week, The News-Gazette will show a screen shot of a home from a movie or TV show and ask readers, 'Who lives here?'

Email your guess of a character who resides in the featured home to, and we'll give a winner a shout-out on next week's page. Be sure to include your full name and town of residence.


Rich Warren: Our channel surfing continues

While astronomers clean their lenses seeking a ninth or 10th planet, our readers discover even more TV channels than listed in a recent column. Here's one reader's suggestion: