Parkland Theatre's 'Young Frankenstein' a monster of a good time

PARKLAND — The film that brought you "What knockers!" on a castle door comes in musical form to the Parkland Theatre tonight.

There are plenty of shockers, from the monster himself, to revelations such as "He vas my boyfriend!"

Frank's Weekend Faves, March 31, 2019

The Boneyard Arts Festival isn't the only fest in town this weekend. Two music festivals are competing for your attention as well — one celebrating its 10th anniversary at one of Champaign's oldest venues; the other just getting started at one of its youngest.

Rosemary Laughlin/review | 'Because I Am Your Queen' a modern mix of fantasy, reality


"Because I Am Your Queen" playwright Mina Samuels calls this work "a feminist fantasia."

Top of the Morning, March 30, 2019

A few weekend reminders ...

'That's What Teens Say' set for Sunday at SoDo Theatre

CHAMPAIGN — The women had their say earlier this month with "That's What She Said." Now it's time for teenage girls to speak.

"That's What Teens Say" will be presented at 3 p.m. Sunday at the SoDo Theatre, 114 S. Neil St., C.

Tickets are $5 at the door and go to benefit Champaign Park District teen programs.

Illinois Theatre's 'Queen' explores 'power, love, community'

URBANA — The new work "Because I Am Your Queen" premieres tonight at the Krannert Center.

In this season's theme, "power and pleasure," the Illinois Theatre production, described as a feminist fantasia, explores how women in positions of power envision the world and can collaborate to construct a better future.

Frank's Weekend Faves, March 24, 2019

Two Illinois institutions are celebrating golden anniversaries this year, and they'll be doing so together this Saturday when The Other Guys present their 50th anniversary reunion concert at Krannert Center in Urbana.

Melissa Merli | 'Marisol' offers a feeling of invigoration

No one has seen the moon in nine months, insecticides have killed half of the Bronx and there's no more blue in the sky.

Religion calendar, March 22-29, 2019

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'Marisol' turns back the clock to early '90s in New York City

URBANA — Director Jace Jamison said "Marisol" takes an imaginative approach to the absurdity of living in The Bronx in the midst of the Apocalypse.

The moon is gone, he said. Marisol Perez still goes to work as a copy editor, fighting to survive the impending rapture as her guardian angel wages total war on God.

The play opens tonight at the Station Theatre.