'Love drives the action' in Station's Chekhov reboot 'Stupid ------- Bird'

URBANA — "Stupid ------- Bird" takes a classic play, Anton Chekhov's "The Seagull," and "reboots" it, as the Station Theatre puts it.

There are numerically more than love triangles in the Celebration Company's production of Aaron Posner's take on the 19th-century drama.

It opens at 7:30 tonight at the theater, 223 Broadway Ave.

Raise a glass to a fabulous 50-year-old — Krannert Center

When Ellnora and Herman Krannert donated $21 million to build Krannert Center for the Performing Arts in 1969, a courtyard between the theaters — like the one at Lincoln Center — was discussed.

Ellnora Krannert, as the story goes, wanted no part of that.

So a lobby was built with $1 million teak wood floors, a community center that now hosts multiple events each week.

Grand-opening attendees recall Krannert Center's glitzy early days

His upcoming performance was to be a huge one, but in the days leading up to the Krannert Center's grand opening in 1969, Shozo Sato stopped his Kabuki theater rehearsal in its tracks on the Colwell Playhouse floor when a few special visitors entered the room.

'Kinky Boots' star: Play has made me 'a better human being'

Ready for a walk on the wild side? The offbeat musical "Kinky Boots" is at 8 p.m. Sunday at State Farm Center.

Krannert director looking to future while marking its 50th anniversary

URBANA — In the lobby at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts sits a glass-encased model of the building, displaying its four theaters and area around it.

Sometimes, you can catch Krannert Director Mike Ross staring at the model, deep in thought about what the center has the potential to become.

Frank's Weekend Faves, April 7, 2019

Rosin up your bows, classical-music fans. The University of Illinois School of Music's artists-in-residence, the Jupiter String Quartet, have two intriguing yet distinctly different performances coming up this month, starting this Wednesday.

He found culture in the Midwest, and ever since he's helped to make it flourish

URBANA — Mike Ross stood in awe as he walked through Krannert Center for the first time in 1997.

When he flew from his home in the New York area, where he and his wife had recently bought a house, the thought never crossed his mind that he'd actually move to the Midwest. Culture, he was taught to believe, didn't exist in its greatest form in the middle of the country.

Tricia Stiller/review | A night of comedy in Transylvania at Parkland

In 1974, comic genius Mel Brooks gifted movie audiences with his brilliant horror film parody, "Young Frankenstein," which he co-wrote with the film's star, Gene Wilder.

For those of you too young to remember — though this film is a must-see — "Young Frankenstein" is the story of Frederick Frankenstein, ("that's FrOnk-un STEEN"), the grandson of the infamous mad scientist.

Creator of Virginia Theatre's largest-ever set named park district's volunteer of year

CHAMPAIGN — Four weeks before the Champaign Park District's big Dance Arts show, organizers realized they needed to create the largest set envisioned to date for the Virginia Theatre stage.

One woman, Kim Cochran, with the help of her family, spent pretty much every waking moment since that point building and painting the massive set.

Parkland Theatre's 'Young Frankenstein' a monster of a good time

PARKLAND — The film that brought you "What knockers!" on a castle door comes in musical form to the Parkland Theatre tonight.

There are plenty of shockers, from the monster himself, to revelations such as "He vas my boyfriend!"