Tom's Mailbag

Tom's Mailbag July 18, 2014

Welcome back, Mailbag readers. All kinds of questions this week ranging from pizza to politics, and stoplights to same-sex divorce.

Tom's Mailbag July 11, 2014

Summer vacations haven’t slowed down the flow of questions/comments to the mailbag.

Tom's Mailbag June 27, 2014

Plenty of good comments and questions in this week's mailbag concerning Armory Avenue repaving, video gambling, Champaign school district polling, doubts about MTD ridership numbers, the old Danville Dodgers and the integration of baseball, the "new" News-Gazette and sports longshots.

Tom's Mailbag June 20, 2014

Short week for me but lots of questions in the mailbag. Here you go ...

July 4th fireworks

Tom's Mailbag June 13, 2014

Welcome back to the mailbag. We received lots of suggestions for restaurants that people would like to see in Champaign-Urbana. I suspect the existing restaurateurs wouldn’t be as eager to see these places come to town. 

Tom's mailbag June 6, 2014

Tom's mailbag May 30, 2014

Tom's Mailbag May 23, 2014

You may recall that last week there was a serious dearth of mailbag questions and I was in danger of being placed on an all-gruel diet by the master of The News-Gazette workhouse, Jim Rossow.

Tom's mailbag May 16, 2014

“You call that a mailbag?” said Jim Rossow, the executive editor of The News-Gazette who, unlike former New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson, allegedly does not have a tattoo celebrating his position in newspaper management.

Tom's mailbag May 9, 2014

Some good questions and comments about James Kilgore, a suggested site for the new, overdue Champaign High School, the big upcoming race for mayor of Champaign, and that proposal to have a new UI/Carle medical research institution in Urbana.

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