Denali Grand Slam

By Fred Delcomyn

"Stop!" yelled one of our companions, pointing out the window. The old converted school bus ground to a halt. We were on a tour of Denali National Park and Preserve, scanning for wildlife.

Watchdog examining Chicago air traffic security

CHICAGO (AP) — A federal watchdog will scrutinize security procedures at air traffic control sites in the Chicago area after employee sabotage last month crippled a major facility for more than two weeks.

Homer mayor a frequent visitor to North Korea

Hiking to waterfalls, browsing the local farmers market, zipping around a skate park.

Public speakers blasting speeches and music until 11 p.m. and speaker-outfitted propaganda vans driving through the countryside. Air raid drills, during which residents are warned about the coming imperialists.

Appalachian Trail hike helped man figure out calling in life

WHITE HEATH — Thomas Atkins of White Heath left for the Appalachian Trail to take care of unfinished business. When he completed it 2,185.4 miles later, he was left with a restored faith in humanity and a master plan for his future.

Take a break for a little melodrama

At a 1912 movie theater, from a time when the covered bridge was near its peak, the Parke Players were formed in 1971 to entertain Covered Bridge Festival visitors.

The Historic Ritz Theater in Rockville started as an opera house, moved into movies and still shows them, inside a Mission-style exterior that seems out of place in rural Indiana.

Covered Bridge Festival features more than pretty sights

From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Sugar Creek, Parke County has covered bridges, melodrama and old-timey foods.

This is the Mecca for fall color. Literally. There is a town called Mecca, home of a single-span covered bridge from 1917. Montezuma is the go-to town for hog roasts.

Top of the morning, Oct. 6, 2014: From the archives

Bridges in rustic locations have an allure all their own.

Put a roof on them, paint a warning to "cross this bridge at a walk" at their entrance and surround them with trees changing to their fall wardrobe, and you've got a winner.

The history of Bond ... JAMES BOND

By Julian Parrott

On a relatively quiet street in London's bustling, touristy Covent Garden area, you can find the London Film Museum. The fairly anonymous storefront-like entrance on Wellington Street belies the cavernous quality of the basement museum.

Hit the beach: Plenty of choice at Punta del Este

By Nicole Southey

I visited Punta del Este (Punta to the regulars) earlier this year with my family. Punta is a famous resort in Uruguay (South America) that is visited by the stars (Ryan Seacrest, Jennifer Lopez) and tourists mostly from Argentina and Brazil. Tourists arrive by car, air or cruise ships.

Hitting several spots in a short span

By Rene' Raaymakers

I had wanted to visit Greece for as long as I can remember, but I also wanted to spend a little time in Italy, as well as follow a little of the Adriatic Sea coast.