The Hawaii of Europeans

By Karen Paulsen

Deciding to vacation in Tenerife usually invoked two comments, such as "Where is that?" or "Oh, that's the island that had the terrible airplane disaster in the late 1970s."

Some area interstate ramps could become safer with new treatment

Within the next week or so, the ramps on the Interstate 57-74 interchange will have a new feel to them after a new material is applied to the ramps as part of an effort to make them safer.

Illinois Department of Transportation crews finished patching work on the ramps on the interchange early last month.

Family road trip? Don't forget the towels

Giant potato truck coming to Champaign

The director of the tour of a giant-sized replica potato heading to Champaign later this month says the massive spud is a popular attraction everywhere it goes.

The announcement was made Thursday on Lite Rock 97.5 WHMS with Mike in the Morning that the Great Big Idaho Potato Truck will be in town on June 24 and will be at the WDWS-WHMS-WKIO radio center.

Spurring interest in western U.S.

By Vivienne Mackie

What is the mystique and attraction of the Wild West? Well, this museum tries to answer that, and it delivers far more than its name implies.

It's a sweeping saga about life in the western parts of the U.S., at that time when settlers were pushing west and trying to establish life along the new frontiers.

Top of the Morning, June 7, 2014

Today isn't ROSE COSTELLO's first trip to the Belmont Stakes with a Triple Crown on the line. She was in New York two years ago for I'll Have Another's shot at history.

"Unfortunately, he was injured and did not run," the Urbana resident said. "He did have an appearance, though, in the paddock and the winner's circle."

Remembering a terrible day in U.S. history

By Vivienne Mackie

The mission statement of the Oklahoma City National Memorial is "... May this Memorial offer comfort, peace, hope and serenity." It succeeded admirably for us.

Boulder: A mountain of fun all year

By Debra L. Karplus 

Whatever the season, there is much to do in Boulder, Colo. Set in the Rocky Mountains, it is a mecca for just about any outdoor recreation, 12 months a year.

From Champaign, there are several affordable ways to get to Boulder.

New Zealand: Beautiful views and friendly people

By Ashley Beitel

Although it is 5/9ths of the way around the world, New Zealand is a little like California, but 5/9ths the size and without all the people. Rolling vineyards, a beautiful coastline, mountain vistas, dense rainforests, whales, dolphins, seals and the constant threat of earthquakes. Why, New Zealand even had a gold rush.

Visitors bureau chief details outreach plans

URBANA — Champaign County's tourism bureau plans five initiatives in the coming year with the goal of attracting more visitors.

Speaking at the annual Toast to Tourism event Wednesday, Jayne DeLuce, executive director of Visit Champaign County, said that, in addition to pursuing traditional markets, the bureau plans new pushes in:

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