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These folks all had a type(writer)

CHAMPAIGN — Hugh Hefner was many things — millionaire, publisher, celebrity and, of course, playboy.

But at heart he was a writer and editor, his daughter says.

When he was in grammar school in Chicago, Hefner published a neighborhood newspaper. In high school, he started a comic strip about his life.

John Frayne | Young musicians shine at Urbana Pops Summer Concert

The 10th annual Urbana Pops Summer Concert on June 8 was a festive occasion. Held in the auditorium of Urbana High School, the event, which involved many people aside from the Urbana Pops Orchestra (UPO), opened up with a welcome address by Urbana Mayor Diane Marlin.

Wired In: Brandon Yates

Each week, staff writer Paul Wood interviews a high-tech difference-maker. This week, meet BRANDON YATES, a University of Illinois civil-engineering student and a founder of DeepWalk Research Group, which aims to improve accessibility in wide areas of public space.

'They will never find her': Court hears what Christensen said at victim's vigil

PEORIA — While Yingying Zhang's family was trying to raise awareness of her disappearance at a campus vigil, Brendt Christensen was drinking alcohol from a water bottle, cracking jokes and bragging about how gruesomely he killed her.

In the Garden | Protecting tomato plants

Nothing beats a homegrown tomato! Even when in season, the store-bought varieties just cannot compare to a fully ripe tomato harvested at its peak from your own garden. So many gardeners across America choose tomato plants for their garden each year for this reason, making it the most planted garden crop in the U.S.

Top of the Morning, June 15, 2019

Just because he won a big, fancy award doesn't mean HOWARD MILTON will be treated any differently when he returns to the office.

The idea of showing up with a 'Mr. Fundraiser of the Year' nametag is definitely out of the question.

"They'll call me the usual 'Mr. Forgetful,'" he said, "or 'The Guy Who Works For Josh.'"

FBI details efforts to find UI scholar after her disappearance

PEORIA — In the weeks after Yingying Zhang went missing, FBI agents and University of Illinois police officers searched through garbage at Centennial Park, an isolated area near Olympian Road and Interstate 57 and at the Murdock Mine 30 miles south of Champaign.

They went there based on tips and pings from Christensen's phone, but repeatedly came up empty.

Willard Airport assistant director promoted to top position

SAVOY — Willard Airport has a new executive director, and it's a familiar face.

Tim Bannon, the airport's assistant director of operations and maintenance for the past 16 months, will replace former Executive Director Gene Cossey, who left in February for a similar job in Tennessee. Bannon has been interim executive director since then.

Jim Dey | With no real alternative, Christensen's lawyers admit obvious

Poor Brendt. Poor, poor Brendt.

That was the gist of defense lawyer George Taseff's opening statement to jurors in the Brendt Christensen murder/kidnapping case that began Wednesday at the U.S. Courthouse in Peoria.

Defense: 'Brendt Christensen killed Yingying Zhang'

PEORIA — When the U.S. attorneys prosecuting Brendt Christensen walked into the courtroom Wednesday, they greeted Yingying Zhang's family and shook their hands.